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Botswana social protection assessment (English)


Botswana is a small, landlocked, upper-middle-income country with a gross domestic product (GDP) of United States (U.S.) 17.3 billion dollars in 2011. Despite high levels of economic growth over the past two decades, poverty and inequality persist in ... See More +


  • Tesliuc, Cornelia; Marques, Jose Silverio; Lekobane, Khaufelo Raymond; Mookodi, Lillian; Bezhanyan, Anush; Braithwaite, Jeanine; Mohan, Anna; Otsuka, Mimi; Scheja, Elina; Sharma, Siddarth; Ntseane, Dolly; Tsirunyan, Sasun; Schmalzbach, Molly;
  • 2013/12/01
  • Working Paper
  • 86009
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  • Botswana
  • Africa
  • 2014/03/13
  • Botswana social protection assessment
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