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FYR Macedonia Special Focus Note : Pension Reform (Macedonian)

The former Yugoslav Republic of (FYR) Macedonia needs to reform its pension system to contain fiscal pressures from the pension system and strengthen system’s equity. ... See More +

Working Paper 134426 JAN 31, 2019


Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - Green growth country assessment (Macedonian)

This green growth country assessment for Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) Macedonia aims to define the outlines of a green growth path and the initial steps along that path. ... See More +

Other Environmental Study ACS8179 NOV 06, 2014

Jorgensen, Erika; Shkaratan, Maria English Disclosed

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - Cash transfers keep students in school (Macedonian)

This Results Profile tells a story how cash transfers, keep students in school in The Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) of Macedonia. Families of approximately 9,000 students throughout the country struggled to make ends meet and educate their children. ... See More +

Brief 93819 JAN 30, 2012

English Disclosed

Macedonia, former Yugoslav Republic of - Demand for skills in FYR Macedonia (Macedonian)

This technical note aims to shed some light on the very high and persistent unemployment levels in Macedonia, by focussing on skills mismatch. The difference between skills sought by employers, and those possessed by available workers, are presented in a specifically designed employer survey of the demand for skills, that was carried out in 2009. ... See More +

Working Paper 70114 JUN 16, 2010

English Disclosed

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia : Issues in urban and municipal development - a policy note (Macedonian)

The present study examines the challenges facing municipal governments in FYR Macedonia. The introductory chapter provides some further context for these developments, in terms of the challenges they pose for urban areas and their governments. ... See More +

Policy Note 37278 NOV 01, 2006

English Disclosed

A country strategy and action plan for reforms in the accounting and institutional strengthening in the Republic of Macedonia (Macedonian)

This paper sets forth a country strategy and action plan to enhance the quality of financial reporting in the Republic of Macedonia (Macedonia). ... See More +

Working Paper 43218 JUN 01, 2006

English Disclosed

Factoring study for Macedonia (Macedonian)

This assessment involves a comprehensive review of the Macedonian environment to appraise the issues relevant to the potential establishment of future factoring companies and corresponding recommendations. ... See More +

Working Paper 34374 FEB 01, 2005

English Disclosed

Assessment of solid waste management law of Macedonia (Macedonian)

The Republic of Macedonia has entered into a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Communities and their Member States with a view to joining the Community, it is hoped in 2014. ... See More +

Working Paper 37508 JUN 30, 2004

Stone, Hilary English Disclosed

Shoe industry analysis - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Macedonian)

This paper reports the main objectives of the consultancy project: undertake a brief analysis of the Macedonian shoe sector based on a field research with company visits; provide direct hands-on recommendation to Southeast Europe enterprise development (SEED) and the companies; analysis of the existing SEED industry approach, concepts of companies, as well as SEED activities; develop recommendations for SEED; and conclude a number of initial contracts with potential buyers. ... See More +

Working Paper 37509 JAN 30, 2004

English Disclosed

Improving environmental performance and business profit - a businessperson's guide to profiting from environmental performance improvement (Macedonian)

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face a variety of challenges on the road to becoming stable and profitable. Southeast Europe Enterprise Development (SEED) is a multi-donor initiative managed by the Bank Group's International Finance Corporation (IFC) to strengthen small and medium enterprises in Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the FR Yugoslavia. ... See More +

Working Paper 35698 DEC 01, 2002

Keivanzadeh, Reza M. [editor]; Paines, Erika [editor]; Malinovski, Dimitar; Samardziev, Zlatko English Disclosed