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Bhutan Development Report : A Path to Inclusive and Sustainable Development (English)

Bhutan has a strong track record of reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity, primarilysupported by the state, which has played a large role in the country's development accomplishments.Growth has been driven mainly by the public sector through hydropower development. ... See More +

Working Paper 134060 JAN 01, 2019

Ishihara,Yoichiro; Santini,Massimiliano; Gutierrez Ossio,Jose Eduardo; Shrestha,Sabin Raj; Grover,Savinay; Dawes,Winston; Aguilar,Javier; Singh,Rajendra-000312761; Liden,Mats Johan Rikard; Abakerli B,Stefania B.; Rajbhandary,Jasmine Disclosed

Practical solutions for addressing labor-related barriers to Bhutan's private employment growth (English)

This note provides practical solutions for addressing the labor-related barriers that impede Bhutan's private sector employment growth: (i) lack of workers with relevant experience and skills, (ii) restrictions on employing non-Bhutanese workers, and (iii) lack of interest among Bhutanese workers in private sector employment opportunities (Enterprise Survey 2015). ... See More +

Working Paper 121485 NOV 01, 2017

Santini,Massimiliano; Denisova,Anastasiya; Rajbhandary,Jasmine Disclosed

Investment Climate Assessment of Bhutan: Removing Constraints to Private Sector Development to Enable the Creation of More and Better Jobs (English)

The 2017 Investment Climate Assessment of Bhutan provides a detailed assessment of firm performance and constraints as they enter, operate, and exit domestic and international markets. ... See More +

Investment Climate Assessment (ICA) 120144 SEP 01, 2017

Santini,Massimiliano; Tran,Trang Thu; Beath,Andrew Disclosed

Increasing Agribusiness Growth in Bhutan (English)

The policy note assesses Bhutan's agribusiness sector and recommends steps the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) might consider to increase the sector's growth. ... See More +

Policy Note 120138 SEP 01, 2017

Keturakis,Ed; Dawes,Winston; Jones,Maria Ruth; Lapres,Blair Edward; Ronchi,Loraine; Santini,Massimiliano Disclosed

Can enhancing the benefits of formalization induce informal firms to become formal ? experimental evidence from Benin (English)

Governments around the world have introduced reforms to attempt to make it easier for informal firms to formalize. However, most informal firms have not gone on to become formal, especially when tax registration is involved. ... See More +

WPS7900 NOV 29, 2016

Benhassine,Najy; Mckenzie,David J.; Pouliquen,Victor Maurice Joseph; Santini,Massimiliano Disclosed

Enhancing the benefits of formalization under a new status in Benin (English)

Benin, along with sixteen other OHADA countries in Africa, revised their commercial law to introduce a new status called entreprenant. This status is designed for micro and small businesses, and registering with this new status is easy, free of charge and takes only one business day. ... See More +

Brief 110816 NOV 01, 2016

Benhassine,Najy; Mckenzie,David J.; Pouliquen,Victor Maurice Joseph; Santini,Massimiliano Disclosed

Finding a path to formalization in Benin : early results after the introduction of the entreprenant legal status (English)

In April 2014, the Government of Benin launched the entreprenant status, a simplified and free legal regime offered to small informal businesses to enter the formal economy. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7510 DEC 09, 2015

Benhassine,Najy; Mckenzie,David J.; Pouliquen,Victor Maurice Joseph; Santini,Massimiliano Disclosed

Informal economy and the World Bank (English)

Many countries have expressed an interest in the size, performance and motivation of the informal sector, especially where the informal sector provides the livelihood and employment for a critical segment of the population. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6888 MAY 01, 2014

Beegle,Kathleen G.; Benjamin,Nancy Claire; Recanatini,Francesca; Santini,Massimiliano Disclosed

An open door for firms (English)

World Bank Group client governments as well as donors often ask about the effects of business entry reforms and the persistence of those effects. ... See More +

Viewpoint 56962 JUN 01, 2010

Motta,Marialisa; Oviedo Silva,Ana Maria; Santini,Massimiliano Disclosed