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East Asia and Pacific economic update : enhancing competitiveness in an uncertain world (English)

This issue of the East Asia and Pacific economic update is based on data available through September 29, inclusive. This report also includes a special section, focusing on two crucial medium-term issues facing developing East Asia and Pacific: education and skills development, and international migration; and an overview of the economic prospects and policy priorities for the Pacific Island Countries. ... See More +

Publication 91233 OCT 01, 2014

Spatafora, Nikola; Ollero, Antonio; Vashakmadze, Ekaterine; Sun, Yan; Cerdan-Infantes, Pedro; Ahsan, Ahmad; Horscroft, Virginia; Addison, Douglas; Choi, Young Il; Hu, Bingjie; Sander, Frederico Gil; Edwards, Kim; Haque, Tobias; Knight, David; Stamm, Diane; Adriani, Magda; Aldaz-Carroll, Enrique; Beck, Hans Anand; Bhaopichitr, Kirida; Kendrick, Karl; Chua, Tiu; D'Hoore, Alain; Davading, Somneuk; Dinh, Viet Tuan; Edwards, Kim Alan; Fitrani, Fitria; Haque, Tobias; Horscrof, Virginia; Hu, Bingjie; Jiang, Yi; Kaiser, Kai; Knight, David; Lee, Tae Hyun; Limkin, Joseph Louie; Ly, Sodeth; Mariano, Paul; Nthara, Khwima; Pan, Lucy; Phimmahasay, Keomanivone; Record, Richard; Sander, Frederico Gil; Shiilegmaa, Altantsetseg; Sienaert, Alex; Smits, Karlis; Taylor, Ashley; Yoong, Pui Shen; Zin, May Thet

Well-being from work in the Pacific island countries (English)

In the Pacific island countries, which are small and far from world markets, labor mobility represents the most significant and substantial opportunity for overcoming geographic constraints on employment. ... See More +

Working Paper 87894 JAN 01, 2014

Haque, Tobias; Packard, Truman

Pacific Islands - PFM design under capacity constraints : planning public financial management reforms in Pacific Island countries (English)

This note is intended to inform Public Financial Management (PFM) reform in small Pacific Island Countries (PICs). PFM systems in PIC contexts are often very different from the sophisticated and comprehensive systems operating in larger, wealthier countries. ... See More +

Other Public Sector Study ACS5515 JUL 01, 2013

Haque, Tobias; Bontjer, Richard; Betley, Mary; Hackett, Ron; Suri, Vivek; Drees-Gross, Franz

Planning public financial management reforms in pacific island countries : guidance note (English)

This note provides guidance on planning, prioritizing, and accessing appropriate capacity for Public Financial Management (PFM) reform in Pacific Island Countries (PICs). ... See More +

Other Financial Sector Study 78582 JAN 01, 2013

Haque, Tobias

Capacity constraints and public financial management in small Pacific Island countries (English)

Drawing on Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability assessment scores from 118 countries, this paper provides the first comparative analysis of public financial management performance in small Pacific Island Countries (PICs). ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6297 DEC 01, 2012

Haque, Tobias A.; Knight, David S.; Jayasuriya, Dinuk S.

Different worlds, shared solutions : key messages from World Bank seminar on capacity-building in economic management in Indonesia and the Pacific Islands (English)

It might seem that Indonesia and the Pacific Island countries have nothing in common. Indonesia's population is more than one thousand times as large as the populations of most Pacific Islands. ... See More +

Working Paper 64793 SEP 08, 2011

Haque, Tobias; Horscroft, Virginia

Increasing the participation of women entrepreneurs in the Solomon Islands aid economy (English)

International aid flows are equivalent to almost half of Solomon Islands' economy, making it one of the most aid-dependent countries in the world. ... See More +

Working Paper 58918 JAN 01, 2011

Haque, Tobias; Greig, Froniga