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Disclosable Version of the ISR - Mali - Economic Environmental Rehabilitation of the Niger River - P151909 - Sequence No : 04 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR39378 NOV 22, 2019

Serkovic,Mirko Ivo Disclosed

Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Mali - Economic Environmental Rehabilitation of the Niger River - P151909 (English)

Project Paper RES38242 SEP 18, 2019

Serkovic,Mirko Ivo Disclosed

Country Economic Memorandum : Background Note 12 - What is the potential and obstacles for the fisheries sector in São Tomé and Príncipe? (English)

The purpose of this note is to give an overview of the fisheries sector in STP, its potential and obstacles, as well some policy recommendations to address these obstacles, ensure sustainable management of these resources and tap into its potential. ... See More +

Report 139093 JUN 26, 2019

Serkovic,Mirko Ivo; Million,Julien Marie Francois Disclosed

Environment and Renewable Natural Resources in Angola : Opportunities to Diversify the National Economy, Generate Income for Local Communities, Enhance Environmental Management Capacity and Build Resilience to Climate Change (English)

This report presents the economic potential of renewable natural resources (forests, wildlife and fisheries), and identifies opportunities for enhancing the sectors’ contribution to both the national and local economies in Angola (Section two). ... See More +

Report 135808 MAR 27, 2019

Matambo,Susan Tambi; Olmos,Santiago Estanislao; Soto,Bartolomeu Filimao; Million,Julien Marie Francois; Aquino,André; Ngouana Kengne,Cyrille Valence; Ravina Da Silva,Manuela; Serkovic,Mirko Ivo; Tembe Bilale,Nadia Henriqueta Gabriel Disclosed

Ethiopia - Humbo and Soddo Community-Based Natural Regeneration Project : P098428 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 01 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR5383 JUL 20, 2013

Serkovic,Mirko Ivo

BioCarbon Fund experience : insights from afforestation and reforestation clean development mechanism projects - summary (English)

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is one of the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol intended to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere in a cost effective manner. ... See More +

Working Paper 63616 MAY 01, 2011

Salinas, Zenia; Baroudy, Ellysar; Guimaraes, Leticia; Van der Linden, Marco; Chandra Reddy, Rama; Serkovic, Mirko Disclosed