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Concept Program Information Document (PID) - Resilient Institutions for Sustainable Economy - P171850 (English)

Program Information Document PIDC27980 NOV 18, 2019

Waheed,Muhammad Disclosed

Pakistan at 100 : Growth and Investment (English)

This policy note was prepared in parallel to the report Pakistan at hundred, Shaping the Future. The report Pakistan at the rate hundred discusses options to accelerate and sustain growth in Pakistan so that the country becomes an upper middle-income country when it turns hundred years old in 2047. ... See More +

Working Paper 135325 MAR 01, 2019

Waheed,Muhammad; Ghumman,Adnan Ashraf Disclosed

Pakistan Development Update : At a Crossroad (English)

The report begins with a chapter on economic developments, with sections on growth, fiscal policy, public debt, the external sector, monetary developments and inflation, and the financial sector. ... See More +

120560 OCT 01, 2018

Ashraf,Mehwish; Ghumman,Adnan Ashraf; Aslam,Zehra; Shaikh,Sarmad Ahmed; Waheed,Muhammad; Blanco Armas,Enrique; Panasco Santos,Cristina Isabel; Qureshi,Ali Nadeem; Zamand,Mina; Schneider,Charles Patrick; Bashir,Amjad; Rontoyanni,Clelia Kalliopi Helena; Varela,Gonzalo J.; Zaheer,Namoos Disclosed

The Pakistan Expanded Program on Immunization and the National Immunization Support Project : an economic analysis (English)

Pakistan faces a formidable challenge in eliminating the polio virus from the country. With transmission of the polio virus substantially slowing in the Africa region, the only two countries worldwide with ongoing endemic polio transmission may soon be Pakistan and Afghanistan. ... See More +

Working Paper 111815 NOV 01, 2016

Haque,Minhaj Ul; Waheed,Muhammad; Masud,Tayyeb; Malick, Wasim Shahid; Yunus,Hammad; Rekhi,Rahul; Oelrichs,Robert; Kucheryavenko,Oleg Disclosed

Pakistan development update (English)

Pakistan’s economy posted GDP growth of 4.2 percent in FY2014/15 compared to 4.0 percent in the previous year, but below the 5.1 percent targeted growth envisaged for FY2014-15 in the annual plan. ... See More +

Working Paper 100710 OCT 01, 2015

Waheed,Muhammad Disclosed

Islamic Republic of Pakistan : Tracing the flow of public Money - Punjab : Expenditure and Quantity of Service Delivery Survey (EQSDS) in primary school sector (English)

This report presents the main findings of the survey and is organized as follows: Chapter I details the sampling procedure and survey methodology employed. ... See More +

Other Education Study ACS14224 JUN 22, 2015

Waheed,Muhammad Disclosed

Pakistan development update (English)

The Pakistani economy faced four major domestic shocks as of April 2015: (i) a political sit-in by opposition parties in Islamabad that lasted between August and December and raised significant political uncertainty; (ii) the September floods in Punjab that affected agricultural crops; (iii) the postponed sale of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) equity shares in November that reduced its expected privatization proceeds and foreign direct inflows (FDI); and (iv) the terrorist attack in a school in Peshawar that heightened security concerns. ... See More +

Economic Updates and Modeling 95751 APR 01, 2015

Refaqat, Saadia; Lopez-Calix, Jose R.; Waheed, Muhammad; Ashraf, Mehwish; Atiq, Syedah Moshina; Joya, Mohammad Omar; Shaikh Sarmad; Khan, Rafay; Newhouse, David Locke Disclosed

Pakistan Development Update (English)

For 2013 progress in Pakistan was significant and supported by a solid economic reform program of the Government of Pakistan. An IMF Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and two World Bank Development Policy Credits with a focus to restructure the energy sector, foster private and financial sector developments and improve social protection and revenue mobilization reinforced the reform program. ... See More +

Working Paper 93723 OCT 01, 2014

Waheed, Muhammad; Lopez-Calix, Jose R.; Mukhtar, Hanid; Refaqat, Saadia; Sehar, Amna; Ashraf, Mehwish; Sheikh, Sarmad; Bashir, Amjad Disclosed

Pakistan development update (English)

Pakistan's economy is weak but at a turning point. Growth recovery is underway, with the projected GDP growth approaching 3.6-4.0 percent, driven by dynamic manufacturing and service sectors, better energy availability, and early revival of investor confidence. ... See More +

Economic Updates and Modeling 86681 APR 01, 2014

Refaqat, Saadia; Lopez-Calix, Jose R.; Mukhtar, Hanid; Ashraf, Mehwish; Waheed, Muhammad; Ahmed, Rafay Disclosed