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Social insurance reform in Jordan : awareness and perceptions of employment opportunities for women (English)

The new social insurance law introduced by the Jordanian government in 2010 was created in part to improve the likelihood of women’s employment through non- and gender specific changes. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 89187 JUN 01, 2014

Brodmann, Stefanie ; Jillson, Irene ; Hassan, Nahla

Entrepreneurship training and self-employment among university graduates evidence from a randomized trial in Tunisia (English)

This brief summarizes the results of a gender impact evaluation study, entitled Entrepreneurship training and self-employment among university graduates evidence from a randomized trial in Tunisia, conducted in the year between 2009/2010 school year. ... See More +

Brief 81317 AUG 14, 2013

Premand, Patrick; Brodmann, Stefanie; Almeida, Rita; Grun, Rebekka; Barouni, Mahdi

Jobs for shared prosperity : time for action in the Middle East and North Africa (English)

Jobs are crucial for individual well-being. They provide a livelihood and, equally important, a sense of dignity. They are also crucial for collective well-being and economic growth. ... See More +

Publication 77229 APR 25, 2013

Urdinola, Diego Angel; Morgandi, Matteo; Schiffbauer, Mar; Brodmann, Stefanie; Lorenzo, Elizabeth Mata; Marotta, Daniela; Grun, Rebekka; Moreno, Juan Manuel; Gatti, Roberta

Entrepreneurship training and self-employment among university graduates : evidence from a randomized trial in Tunisia (English)

In economies characterized by low labor demand and high rates of youth unemployment, entrepreneurship training has the potential to enable youth to gain skills and create their own jobs. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6285 DEC 01, 2012

Almeida, Rita; Premand, Patrick; Brodmann, Stefanie; Grun, Rebekka; Barouni, Mahdi

From education-to-work : opportunities and challenges in the West Bank and Gaza (English)

Young Palestinians face serious employment challenges upon graduation. In 2009, unemployment among youth 15-24 years old was 28 percent for men and 36 percent for women in West Bank and 57 percent for men and 68 percent for women in Gaza. ... See More +

Brief 67731 JAN 01, 2012

Allouche, Mohamad Ismail; Cuadra, Ernesto P.; Brodmann, Stefanie; Hillis, Samira Ahmed

Can unemployed youth create their own jobs? The Tunisia business plan thesis competition (English)

Tunisia, like the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in general, has long experienced unemployment, particularly among young university graduates. ... See More +

Brief 62234 MAR 01, 2011

Brodmann, Stefanie; Grun, Rebekka; Premand, Patrick

Labor mobility in the Middle East and North Africa : challenges and opportunities (English)

Increased labor mobility bears large potential benefits for human development and poverty reduction through various channels including more competitive global labor markets and increased efficiency in the matching of skills supply and demand. ... See More +

Brief 59406 SEP 01, 2010

Brodmann, Stefanie; Pouget, Yann; Gatti, Roberta

Non-public provision of active labor market programs in Arab- Mediterranean countries : an inventory of youth programs (English)

This note presents and analyzes the main design features of an inventory of non-publicly provided Active Labor Market Programs (ALMPs) in Arab-Mediterranean Countries (AMCs), with a specific focus on programs targeted at youth. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 55673 JUL 01, 2010

Angel-Urdinola, Diego F.; Semlali, Amina; Brodmann, Stefanie;