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Bhutan - Maternal and reproductive health at a glance (English)

Bhutan is a small landlocked country in the Himalayas between China and India. Poverty reduction has been rapid from about 23 percent in 2007 to 12-13 percent in 2012. ... See More +

Brief 93556 NOV 01, 2014

El-Saharty, Sameh; Ohno, Naoko; Sarker, Intissar; Secci, Federica; Nagpal, Somil

Maldives - Maternal and reproductive health at a glance (English)

Maldives, a middle income country, is on track to meet most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), while gender gap requires attention. Maldives has made great progress in improving maternal health and has achieved MDG. ... See More +

Brief 93604 NOV 01, 2014

El-Saharty, Sameh; Ohno, Naoko; Sarker, Intissar; Secci, Federica; Nagpal, Somil

Health expenditure, equity and evolution of Aasandha (English)

With the introduction of the universal health insurance scheme Aasandha in January 2012, the Government of Maldives aimed at achieving five key objectives, namely: (i) to enhance affordability of health care and to promote access to health care; (ii) to mitigate health care related financial risk for households and protect the citizens from health care related impoverishment; (iii) to contribute to improving the quality and reliability of health care; (iv) to improve the efficiency of health insurance provision via good governance and effective use of fiscal resources; and (v) to ensure long-term sustainability of health insurance provision through an effective design of the health insurance system, cost containment measures and reforms in the payment mechanisms. ... See More +

Brief 81248 MAY 01, 2013

Nagpal, Somil; Redaelli, Silvia

Utilization trends and cost containment options for Aasandha (English)

In recent years, Maldives has witnessed several major changes in the way in which health is financed in the country. The latest, and probably the largest, of these changes was the introduction of Aasandha, the country's universal health insurance scheme, which commenced on January 1, 20 12. ... See More +

Brief 81247 MAR 01, 2013

Nagpal, Somil; Redaelli, Silvia

Expanding health coverage for vulnerable groups in India (English)

India's health sector continues to be challenged by overall low levels of public financing, entrenched accountability issues in the public delivery system, and the persistent dominance of out-of-pocket spending. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 75003 JAN 01, 2013

Nagpal, Somil

Government-sponsored health insurance in India : are you covered? (English)

Since independence, India has struggled to provide its people with universal health coverage. Whether defined in terms of financial protection or access to and effective use of health care, the majority of Indians remain irregularly and incompletely covered. ... See More +

Policy Note 72238 AUG 26, 2012

Forgia, Gerard La; Nagpal, Somil

Private voluntary health insurance : consumer protection and prudential regulation (English)

Health care expenditures can be financed through a mix of public resources and private spending. Private spending is a much larger share of total health spending in low- and middle-income countries than in higher income countries. ... See More +

Publication 68964 JAN 01, 2012

Brunner, Greg; Gottret, Pablo; Hansl, Birgit; Kalavakonda, Vijayasekar; Nagpal, Somil; Tapay, Nicole

Creating evidence for better health financing decisions : a strategic guide for the institutionalization of national health accounts (English)

One of the key constraints to improving health outcomes in the developing world relates to equitable and efficient health financing. In most developing countries, a large portion of health expenditure is private and out-of-pocket (Gottret and Schieber 2006). ... See More +

Publication 68966 JAN 01, 2012

Maeda, Akiko; Harrit, Margareta; Mabuchi, Shunsuke; Siadat, Banafsheh; Nagpal, Somil

Madhana : the Maldives national health insurance scheme (English)

The unique geography of Maldives, along with high dependence on imports and expatriate manpower, has meant that health services come at substantially higher costs than other countries in the region. ... See More +

Brief 73135 SEP 01, 2011

Nagpal, Somil

Transition to a universal health insurance scheme in Maldives (English)

Health insurance both voluntary and government sponsored is of relatively recent origin in the Maldives. In September 2011, the President announced an initiative to achieve universal health insurance for all Maldivians from January 2012. ... See More +

Brief 73136 SEP 01, 2011

Nagpal, Somil; Forgia, Gerard La

Preliminary policy note on assessment of health service delivery system in light of proposed universal health insurance scheme (English)

In 2010, the Government of Maldives (GoM) initiated a policy of corporatization of the public health delivery system. This note considers the potential for this reform strategy to contribute to the aims of universal health coverage based upon an initial review by the World Bank. ... See More +

Brief 73137 SEP 01, 2011

Nagpal, Somil; Forgia, Gerard La