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Asymmetric information on noncognitive skills in the Indian labor market : an experiment in online job portal (English)

This paper examines the impact of noncognitive (socio-emotional) skills on job market outcomes, using a randomized control trial implemented in an online job portal in India. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8378 MAR 26, 2018

Yamauchi,Futoshi; Nomura,Shinsaku; Imaizumi,Saori; Areias,Ana Carolina; Chowdhury,Afra Rahman Disclosed

Reflections of employers' gender preferences in job ads in India : an analysis of online job portal data (English)

Using online job portal data and probabilistic regression estimations, the paper investigates the explicit gender bias and salary gap in the Indian job market, reflected in more than 800,000 job recruitment advertisements. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8379 MAR 26, 2018

Chowdhury,Afra Rahman; Areias,Ana Carolina; Imaizumi,Saori; Nomura,Shinsaku; Yamauchi,Futoshi Disclosed

Toward labor market policy 2.0 : the potential for using online job-portal big data to inform labor market policies in India (English)

Economists and other social scientists are increasingly using big data analytics to address longstanding economic questions and complement existing information sources. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7966 FEB 09, 2017

Nomura,Shinsaku; Imaizumi,Saori; Areias,Ana Carolina; Yamauchi,Futoshi Disclosed