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The identity target in the post-2015 development agenda : enabling access to services for all (English)

Robust personal identification (ID) systems are critical to the success of many development programs. Regardless of the methods used, official ID for all - together with the legal, political, and economic rights it confers - is becoming a priority for governments around the world. ... See More +

Brief 102826 SEP 01, 2015

Dahan,Mariana; Gelb,Alan Harold Disclosed

Digital IDs for development : access to identity and services for all (English)

Lack of personal official identification (ID) prevents people from fully exercising their rights and isolates them socially and economically - voting, legal action, receipt of government benefits, banking, and borrowing are all virtually closed off. ... See More +

Brief 96254 APR 01, 2015

Dahan,Mariana; Sudan,Randeep Disclosed

The role of identification in the post-2015 development agenda (English)

Working Paper 98294 JAN 01, 2015

Dahan,Mariana; Gelb,Alan Harold Disclosed

The identification for development (ID4D) agenda : its potential for empowering women and girls - background paper (English)

Gender inequality and related issues remain a major global challenge, particularly for developing countries. Despite considerable progress on gender equality over recent decades, key gender gaps remain in endowments (health and education), in access to jobs and economic opportunities, and in voice and agency. ... See More +

Working Paper 99543 JAN 01, 2015

Dahan,Mariana; Hanmer,Lucia C. Disclosed

ICT as an enabler of transformation in Ethiopia (English)

Over the last two decades, Ethiopia has achieved remarkable progress toward social and economic indicators. Analytical evidence shows that development projects with a significant information and communication technology (ICT) component have a higher potential to achieve greater outcomes on the ground than the ones not supported by ICT. ... See More +

Working Paper 89289 JAN 01, 2014

Lixi, Marc; Dahan, Mariana Disclosed

Handshake : IFC's quarterly journal on public-private partnerships (7) (English)

This issue includes the following headings: road: Brazil's competitive drive; rail: speeding toward tomorrow; logistics: MIT expert on why logistics clusters matter; and interview: UPS's sustainable strategies. ... See More +

Newsletter 80655 OCT 01, 2012

Addo-Ashong,Tawia; Buckholtz, Alison [editor]; Bullock,Richard G.; Dahan,Mariana; Delmon,Jeffrey John; Delmon,Victoria Hilda Rigby; Estrázulas, Francisco; Freemark, Yonah; Gericke,Petrus Benjamin; De Guzman,Alfonso F.; Halleman,Brendan Patrick John Assheton; Juhel,Marc H.; Kjorstad, John; Leber,John; Mandri-Perrott,Xavier Cledan; Militaru,Andreea Ramona; Mytarev,Sergei Anatolyevich; Neves,Philippe; Oliveira, Tanya Scobie [editor]; De Meira Lins,Paulo; de Pretto, Umberto; Pozzo Di Borgo,Pierre A.; Van Eerd,Robbert Disclosed

Handshake : IFC's quarterly journal on public-private partnerships (5) (English)

This issue includes the following headings: seeds and soil: smallholder agriculture; innovation: pairing commercial buyers with rural producers; grain storage: a ready role for public-private partnerships (PPPs); agricultural clusters: powering Africa's agricultural potential; and interviews: AgDevCo, bill and Melinda gates foundation, earth policy institute. ... See More +

Newsletter 54688 APR 01, 2012

Battat,Michelle L.; Bisby, Jyoti; Buckholtz, Alison [editor]; Collion, Marie-Hélène; Dahan,Mariana; Delmon,Jeffrey John; Delmon,Victoria Hilda Rigby; Drechsel, Pay; Ekanayake,Indira Janaki; Gupta,Neeraj; Haslam, Maggie; Lampietti,Julian A.; Lurie,Jay Brandon; Mandri-Perrott,Xavier Cledan; Mckee,David M.; Mhlanga, Nomathemba; Moses, Gene; Mulenga, Barnabas; Oliveira, Tanya Scobie [editor]; Onimus,Francois; Otoo, Miriam; Perard,Edouard; Pingali,Prabhu; Rajalahti,Riikka; Ryan,John Edwin Holston; Santacoloma, Pilar; Toyoda,Makiko; Vegarra,German A. Disclosed