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Uzbekistan - Education Sector Analysis (English)

The purpose of this report on Uzbekistan Education Sector Analysis (ESA) is to provide a current and comprehensive stocktaking of the outcomes of Uzbekistan’s education system and the challenges faced within the sector. ... See More +

Report AUS0000586 DEC 27, 2018

Garipova,Rumiya; Edelweiss Teixeir, Janssen; John,Oliver Peter Martin; Sadikova,Inoyathon; Ramesh Vasudevan,Sharanya; Dinlemez,Muhammet Useyd; Smid,Sina Johanna; Hruskovec Gonzalez,Katherina; Ciucanu,Ioana Raluca; Eli,Sujani; Chukmaitova,Dariga; Pomes-Jimenez,Maria; Miorelli,Romina; Ahadjonov,Iqboljon; Liberman,Julia; Gresham,James; Miyamoto,Koji Disclosed

SABER student assessment country report : Cabo Verde 2017 (English)

Cabo Verde has focused on increasing student learning outcomes by improving the quality of education in the country. An effective student assessment system is an important component of efforts to improve education quality and learning outcomes because it provides the necessary information to meet stakeholders’ decision-making needs. ... See More +

Working Paper 124699 JAN 01, 2017

Liberman,Julia; Heinzel Nelson,Jem; Siegel,Tara Danica; Braham,Kamel; Clarke,Marguerite Disclosed

Review of World Bank support for student assessment activities in client countries, 1998-2009 (English)

As more and more countries both developed and developing have become interested in collecting information on student learning, there has been a concomitant growth in the demand for strong student assessment systems. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 70735 JUL 02, 2012

Liberman, Julia; Clarke, Marguerite Disclosed