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The World Bank research observer 16 (2) (English)

Counting the world's poor: problems and possible solutions; by Angus Deaton. Comments on "counting the world's poor"; by Martin Ravallion, and T. ... See More +

Publication 23416 SEP 30, 2001

Devarajan, Shantayanan [editor]; Deaton, Angus; Ravallion, Martin; Srinivasan, T.N.; Hayami, Yujir; Murgai, Rinku; Ali, Mubarik; Byerlee, Derek; Desai, Raj M.; Goldberg, Itzhak Disclosed

Comment on counting the world's poor by Angus Deaton (English)

Deaton’s analysis of the problems with poverty counts and suggestions for improvement, including issues needing further research, are based on two distinct stages in counting the poor. ... See More +

Journal Article 76659 SEP 01, 2001

Srinivasan T. N. Disclosed

The Washington consensus a decade later : ideology and the art and science of policy advice (English)

In 1990 Williamson coined the term 'Washington consensus' to describe 'the lowest common denominator of policy advice being addressed by the Washington institutions to Latin American countries as of 1989.' ... See More +

Journal Article 76651 AUG 01, 2000

Srinivasan, T. N. Disclosed

The World Bank research observer 1 (2) (English)

The impact of agricultural extension: the training and visit system in India. Issues in medium-term macroeconomic adjustment. Shelter strategies for the urban poor in developing countries. ... See More +

Publication 17489 JUL 31, 1986

Feder,Gershon; Fischer,Stanley; Gross,David J.; Levin,Henry M; Malpezzi,Stephen J.; Mayo,Stephen K.; Slade,Roger H.; Srinivasan,Giridhar N. Disclosed