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The Use of Data Analytics Techniques to Assess the Functioning of a Government's Financial Management Information System : An Application to Pakistan and Cambodia (English)

Public financial management enables government to implement policy. Financial management information systems are a central element of PFM in that they facilitate government financial transactions and subject them to rigorous budgetary controls. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8689 JAN 03, 2019

Hashim,Ali; Piattifuenfkirchen,Moritz Otto Maria Alfons; Cole,Winston Percy Onipede; Naqvi,Ammar; Minallah,Akmal; Prathna,Maun; So,Sokbunthoeun Disclosed

Cambodia's Cross-Cutting Reforms : Public Financial Management, Decentralization, and Public Administration Reforms - Achievements, Coordination, Challenges, and Next Steps (English)

This note analyzes the progress of three public sector reforms (Public Financial Management, Public Administration, and Decentralization and Deconcentration) in Cambodia and describes how their design, implementation, and institutional arrangements can be better sequenced and coordinated. ... See More +

Working Paper 128706 DEC 01, 2018

So,Sokbunthoeun; Sissoko,Fily; Kurshid Bhatti, Zubair Disclosed

Alternative paths to public financial management and public sector reform : experiences from East Asia (English)

Reforming public-sector organizations, their structures, policies, processes and practices—is notoriously difficult, in rich and poor countries alike (Grindle and Thomas 1991; World Bank 2012). ... See More +

Publication 127624 JUN 27, 2018

So,Sokbunthoeun; Woolcock,Michael; April,Leah; Hughes,Caroline Sian; Smithers,Nicola J. Disclosed

Change management that works : making impacts in challenging environments (English)

Achieving better governance has been a central problem for development. When public services are not delivered as intended, reform action becomes necessary and that involves deliberate activities to change laws, structures, and processes to improve public sector performance and benefit public service users. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8265 DEC 06, 2017

April,Leah; Hughes,Caroline Sian; So,Sokbunthoeun; Ariadharma,Erwin Disclosed