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Brazil - Quarterly knowledge report (English)

This newsletter includes the following headings: bringing Brazil to Washington, by Makhtar Diop; achieving the world class education in Brazil: the next agenda, by Barbara Bruns; Brazil knowledge day: a 'south to bank' exchange, by Mauro Azeredo; minas gerais: ready for third generation of public sector reforms, by Denise Marinho; formal-informal wage convergence, by Romero Rocha and Marcio Firmo; total factor productivity and economic growth: static and dynamic links, by Guilherme Lichand; Brazil's missing middle, by Makhtar Diop. ... See More +

Newsletter 63330 APR 01, 2011

Diop, Makhtar; Bruns, Barbara; Azeredo, Mauro; Firmo, Marcio Disclosed

Brazil - Quarterly knowledge report (English)

This Brazil quarterly knowledge report newsletter includes some of the following headings: social assistance and shocks: the food crisis and CCT's by Fruttero, Anna; a critical juncture by Diop, Makhtar; Bolsa familia and entrepreneurship by Lichand, Guilherme; savings, poverty and lifecycle in Brazil by Rocha, Romero; the Brazilian economy and the advent of pre-sal by Firmo, Marcio Gold; a Greenfield moment for investment in Brazil by Marinho, Denise; Ximenes, Jivago; and Firmo, Marcio; a path to efficient public investment management by Velloso, Tarsila; building a public management policy community by Levy, Evelyn; green growth in Brazil by Azeredo, Mauro; summer (or winter): it's time travel by Ximenes, Jivago; and Cordella, Tito; and in the loop: some of the quarter's noteworthy events. ... See More +

Newsletter 57495 AUG 01, 2010

Fruttero, Anna; Diop, Makhtar; Lichand, Guilherme; Rocha, Romero; Firmo, Marcio Gold; Marinho, Denise; Ximenes, Jivago; Velloso, Tarsila; Levy, Evelyn; Azeredo, Mauro; Cordella, Tito Disclosed