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Tourism and the Sharing Economy : Policy & Potential of Sustainable Peer-to-Peer Accommodation (English)

Technology and digital platforms are disrupting the way the tourism sector operates from end to end affects low-income markets striving to leverage tourism for development impacts. ... See More +

Working Paper 130054 SEP 01, 2018

Bakker,Martine Hendrica Elize; Twining-Ward,Louise D Disclosed

20 reasons sustainable tourism counts for development (English)

The focus of this paper is on sustainable tourism’s wider benefits, it is important to acknowledge that there are tradeoffs involved. Like other economic activities, tourism both gives and takes from communities and travelers. ... See More +

Working Paper 119954 JAN 01, 2017

Twining-Ward,Louise D; Aguerrevere, Gabriela; Bakker,Martine Hendrica Elize; Bartlett,Jennifer Louise; Chappell Jr,Robert L; Harman,Philip Alexander; Li,Wendy; Mann,Shaun; Miguel, Jose; Villascusa Cerezo,Jose Miguel; Perrottet,John Gerard; Salem,Talia Malvina; Shiels,Damien; Torres, Issa; Weiss,Bradley Lawrence; Wohlmuther, Cordula Disclosed

Gambia, The - Policies to foster growth (Vol. 2) : Macroeconomy, finance, trade and energy (English)

The structure of The Gambian economy has seen little change over the past twenty years. Agriculture has averaged about one-fourth of gross domestic product (GDP) and the services sector has averaged nearly two thirds of GDP (60 percent) from 1994 through 2013. ... See More +

Working Paper 98360 MAY 19, 2015

Bakker,Martine Hendrica Elize; Casal,Julian; De Nicola,Francesca; Gomez,Gabriel L. S.; Ibrahima Wane,Fatouma Toure; De Kleine Feige,Annette I.; Ba,Ma Soukha; Marchat,Jean Michel Noel Disclosed

Indian ocean islands tourism sector review : Madagascar (English)

The island nation of Madagascar has a treasure trove of tourism assets, ranging from wildlife viewing to beach tourism to cultural encounters. Yet despite its undeniable tourism potential, its growth has been severely stunted by years of political instability and lack of action on necessary policy reforms and initiatives. ... See More +

Investment Climate Assessment (ICA) 82025 JUL 01, 2013

Messerli, Hannah; Weiss, Brad; Kua, Juliana; Bakker, Martine; Tomatis, Joseph; Rajeriarison, Patricia Disclosed

Indian ocean tourism : regional integration or cooperation? (English)

In addition to some of the most acclaimed beaches in the world, the Indian ocean islands offer one of the planet's greatest concentrations of biodiversity and stunning landscapes that include active volcanoes, sculpted canyons, and verdant seaside cliffs. ... See More +

Investment Climate Assessment (ICA) 82023 JUL 01, 2013

Messerli, Hannah; Weiss, Brad; Kua, Juliana; Bakker, Martine; Tomatis, Joseph; Rajeriarison, Patricia Disclosed