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Elite capture : residential tariff subsidies in India (English)

India - home to one of the world's largest populations without electricity access - has set the ambitious goal of achieving universal electrification by 2017. 311 million people, a quarter of its population, remains without power, despite substantial efforts to increased affordable access for the poor. ... See More +

Publication 92648 JAN 01, 2015

Mayer, Kristy; Banerjee, Sudeshna Ghosh; Trimble, Chris

Political economy of power sector subsidies : a review with reference to Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

Power sector subsidies in Sub-Saharan Africa are substantial and highly regressive. While subsidies can be quick, easy, and politically expedient to implement, they are equally quick to take root and challenging to remove. ... See More +

Working Paper 89547 JUL 01, 2014

Kojima, Masami ; Bacon, Robert ; Trimble, Chris

Managing the balancing act : energy subsidies and energy affordability (English)

Many Europe and Central Asia (ECA) countries are faced with a difficult balancing act of cutting subsidies to the energy sector while protecting affordability for consumers. ... See More +

Brief 83946 NOV 01, 2013

Laderchi, Caterina Ruggeri; Olivier, Anne; Trimble, Chris

Balancing act : cutting energy subsidies while protecting affordability (English)

The cost of energy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as elsewhere, is an important policy issue, as shown by the concerns for energy affordability during the past harsh winter. ... See More +

Publication 76820 JUN 01, 2013

Ruggeri Laderchi, Caterina; Olivier, Anne; Trimble, Chris

Rethinking electricity tariffs and subsidies in Pakistan (English)

Pakistan's electricity sector is in crisis: extended periods of blackouts persisted in 2010 and circular debt is increasing. Despite investments in generation capacity, electricity demand continues to exceed supply, with blackouts as long as 8-10 hours per day in cities and sometimes double that in rural areas, and is widely recognized as a severe obstacle to growth and poverty reduction. ... See More +

Policy Note 62971 JUL 01, 2011

Trimble, Chris; Yoshida, Nobuo; Saqib, Mohammad