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A step ahead : competition policy for shared prosperity and inclusive growth (English)

Sustainable economic development has played a major role in the decline Of global poverty in the past two decades. There is no doubt that competitive markets are key drivers of economic growth and productivity. ... See More +

Publication 117874 JUN 27, 2017

Pop,Georgiana; Martinez Licetti,Martha; Nyman,Sara; Begazo Gomez,Tania Priscilla; Carrieri,Silvia; Analyst; Policy; Davies,John; Thiemann,Ania Disclosed

Facility for investment climate advisory services (FIAS) strategy for FY17-21 (English)

In the face of evolving global and regional economic circumstances, the facility for investment climate advisory services (FIAS), too, is evolving in the expertise and products it delivers, the issues that it takes on, and the way in which it provides services and implements solutions. ... See More +

Working Paper 106110 JUN 01, 2016

Shiels,Damien; Werner,Wendy Jo; Diamond,John Michael; Begazo Gomez,Tania Priscilla; Kusek,Peter; Nelli Feroci,Lorenzo; Yap,Justin; Stanoev,Boyan Ivanov Disclosed

Shifting Kenya's private sector into higher gear : a trade and competitiveness agenda (English)

Shifting Kenya’s private sector into higher gear: a trade and competitiveness agenda’ was born out of the World Bank’s Trade and Competitiveness (T&C) Global Practice recent stock taking of its work in Kenya. ... See More +

Working Paper 105194 APR 01, 2016

Mogollon,Maria Paulina; Kojucharov,Nikola Denchev; Dowdall,Georgia Frances Isabelle; Twagira,Frank Abner; Begazo Gomez,Tania Priscilla; Adamali,Aref; Cirera,Xavier; Dihel,Nora Carina; Eliasz,Toni Kristian; Kimani,Markus Njehiah; Malinska,Jana; Mugo,Richard Wamutitu; Ochieng,Sarah Ruth; Rahman,Aun Ali Disclosed

Competition and poverty (English)

A literature review shows competition policy reforms can deliver benefits for the poorest households and improve income distribution. A lack of competition in food markets hurts the poorest households the most. ... See More +

Viewpoint 104736 APR 01, 2016

Begazo Gomez,Tania Priscilla; Nyman,Sara Disclosed

South Africa economic update : promoting faster growth and poverty alleviation through competition (English)

Promoting faster growth and poverty alleviation through competition is particularly important for South Africa, which is facing weak economic growth and limited fiscal resources and has to look to avenues outside the fiscal space to stimulate faster sustainable growth and progress towards its ultimate goal of eliminating poverty, outlined in the 2030 National Development Plan (NDP). ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 103057 FEB 01, 2016

Purfield,Catriona Mary; Hanusch,Marek; Algu,Yashvir; Begazo Gomez,Tania Priscilla; Martinez Licetti,Martha; Nyman,Sara Disclosed

Competition in Kenyan markets and its impact on income and poverty : a case study on sugar and maize (English)

This paper investigates the link between competitive, well-functioning food markets and consumer welfare. The paper explores two key food markets in Kenya -- sugar and maize -- and argues that a variety of factors conspire to distort market prices upward. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7179 JAN 01, 2015

Argent,Jonathan Thompson; Begazo Gomez,Tania Priscilla Disclosed

Enhancing competition conditions and competitiveness of Philippine domestic shipping (English)

For the economy to attain its full potential, the Philippines requires an efficient water transport system. However, this is presently not the case. ... See More +

Working Paper 105363 SEP 01, 2014

Catangui,Gerlin May U.; Supangco, Lito; Pop,Georgiana; Meyrick, Steve; Galang,Roberto Martin Nolan; Martinez Licetti,Martha; Begazo Gomez,Tania Priscilla; Shrader,Hans Disclosed

Opening seed markets in the East African community (English)

The East African Community (EAC) investment climate program includes a component that removes constraints to seed markets and regional trade to expand business beyond national boundaries and open markets to competition. ... See More +

Brief 90701 APR 07, 2014

Begazo Gomez,Tania Priscilla Disclosed

The power of renewable energy : fostering investment and competition to generate electricity (English)

Renewable energy is a viable, cost-effective way to provide power to rural and remote areas, lower electricity generation costs over time, and reduce costly power outages. ... See More +

Brief 107912 OCT 01, 2011

Begazo Gomez,Tania Priscilla; Martinez Licetti,Martha Disclosed