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Behavioral Insights for Tax Compliance (English)

This policy note provides evidence from World Bank field experiments that consider the social, psychological, and economic factors influencing taxpayer decision-making. ... See More +

Brief 144398 DEC 01, 2019

Dalton,Abigail Goodnow; Manning,Lauren Alyssa; Jamison,Julian C; Sen,Iman Kalyan; Karver,Jonathan George; Castaneda Nunez,Jorge Luis; Guedes,Lorena Paola; Mujica Estevez,Serrana Beatriz Disclosed

Poland Catching-Up Regions 3 : Overview Report (English)

This report provides an overview of the third phase of the Poland catching-up regions initiative (PL CuR3). It presents components that have been delivered over the period July 2018 to June 2019 in collaboration with local, regional, and national stakeholders, the European Commission (EC), and the World Bank (WB). ... See More +

Working Paper 138190 JUN 24, 2019

Kriss,Paul; Ionescu-Heroiu,Marcel; Wolszczak,Grzegorz Aleksander; Huang,Chyi-Yun; Kaminski,Piotr Cezary; Piernikowski,Marcin; Moldovan,Ciprian; Dolean,Bogdan Eugen; Mazur,Marcin; Boratynska,Agnieszka; Szczucki,Jan; Gajewski,Maciej; Patella,Dominic Pasquale; Wolanski,Michał; Niewęglowska,Magda; Pierog,Mateusz Hubert; Lee Brown,Jamie; Marc,Lukasz Marek; Sacha,Wojciech Tomasz; Skowron,Bartlomiej Dominik; Szczepinska,Alicja Barbara; Tekieli Bisinska,Dorota Barbara; Torz,Anna Marta; Iwanowski,Damian; Aridi,Anwar; Cowey,Lisa; Wiatr,Dariusz Krzysztof; Toborowicz,Jerzy Jakub; Nosek,Vojtech; Franco,Janina; Singh,Jas; Subbiah,Anand; Karver,Jonathan George; Kotanska,Malgorzata Izabela; Smola,Michał; Piszczek,Jerzy Mieczyslaw; Badiani-Magnusson,Reena C; Goraus,Karolina Marta; Salach,Katarzyna Kamila; Koziel,Anna; Krol-Jankowska,Anna Gizela; Kochan,Filip Piotr Disclosed

Promoting Tax Compliance in Kosovo with Behavioral Insights (English)

As in many countries, tax collection is a development challenge in Kosovo. Kosovo is one of the poorest and youngest countries in Europe in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita and both demographics and statehood. ... See More +

Working Paper 135032 MAR 01, 2019

Hernandez Ore,Marco Antonio; Karver,Jonathan George; Negre Rossignoli,Mario; Perng,Julie Ting Ting Disclosed

Living and Leaving : Housing, Mobility and Welfare in the European Union (English)

The availability and affordability of decent housing has become an important economic and social concern in the European Union (EU), as housing price increases in metropolitan regions have often outpaced wage increases. ... See More +

Working Paper 131876 NOV 01, 2018

Inchauste Comboni,Maria Gabriela; Karver,Jonathan George; Kim,Yeon Soo; Abdel Jelil,Mohamed Disclosed

From uneven growth to inclusive development : Romania’s path to shared prosperity - systematic country diagnostic (English)

Romania’s transformation has been ‘a tale of two Romania’s’, one urban, dynamic, and integrated with the EU; the other rural, poor, and isolated. ... See More +

Publication 127129 JUN 06, 2018

De Rosa,Donato; Kim,Yeon Soo; Chatzinikolaou,Aimilios; Bulman,David Janoff; Hopkins, Johns; Dospinescu,Andrei Silviu; Karver,Jonathan George; Meisner,Craig M.; Murisic,Maja; Pauna,Catalin; Tsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul Disclosed

Youth out of school and out of work in Latin America : a cohort approach (English)

This paper examines the phenomena of high rates of youth that are out of school and out of work in Latin America. The analysis pursues a dynamic approach by constructing a pseudo-panel from 234 household surveys for 18 countries in the region that allow tracing the life cycle trajectories of different cohorts over time. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7421 SEP 28, 2015

Székely,Miguel; Karver,Jonathan George Disclosed

The Aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis in the Eastern Caribbean : The impact on the St Lucia labor market (English)

Working Paper 94766 MAR 01, 2015

Gimenez, Lea; St. Catherine, Edwin; Karver, Jonathan; Odawara, Rei Disclosed