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Reducing Tobacco Use Through Taxation in the Russian Federation : A Modelled Assessment of Two Policy Options (English)

This report presents results of the modelling exercise in terms of excise tax increases for the period 2018–2021, including average excise tax and revenue mobilization options; it also compares the tobacco excise tax already included in the country's current tax code with that necessary to achieve proposed EU minimum rates by 2021 (Minimum EU excise tax rates scenario). ... See More +

Working Paper 130697 OCT 01, 2018

Marquez,Patricio V.; Gonima,Alberto; Kuznetsova,Polina Disclosed

Tobacco Taxation in the Eurasian Economic Union (English)

The report presents the results of macro-simulations of the consequences of different excise policy scenarios for 2018–2021 in two EAEU countries, Russia and Kazakhstan. ... See More +

Working Paper 130695 OCT 01, 2018

Kuznetsova,Polina; Marquez,Patricio V. Disclosed

Cigarette Affordability in the Russian Federation 2002 - 2017 (English)

The goal of this study is to examine cigarette affordability in Russia between 2002 and 2017 in order to provide an understanding of the country's current tobacco excise tax policy, and to identify opportunities and next steps. ... See More +

Working Paper 130694 SEP 01, 2018

Zheng,Rong; Marquez,Patricio V.; Kuznetsova,Polina; Wang Yang,Emily Xiaoxia Disclosed

The effects of tobacco taxes on health : an analysis of the effects by income quintile and gender in Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine (English)

The main objectives of this paper are to estimate the burden of tobacco-caused mortality as a whole and by main tobacco-related diseases in Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine, and to assess the distributional health impact of an increase in tobacco taxation in these three countries. ... See More +

Working Paper 92765 OCT 01, 2014

Denisova, Irina; Kuznetsova, Polina Disclosed

Housing and public services in a medium-sized Russian City : case study of Tomsk (English)

A team of Russian and American urban specialists examines variations in living conditions across 26 microrayons of a medium-sized West Siberian city (Tomsk, 2002 population of 487,700) deemed to be fairly typical of urban settlements in that size class. ... See More +

Working Paper 111635 JAN 01, 2004

Alexandrova,Anastassia; Hamilton,Ellen; Kuznetsova,Polina Disclosed