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ICTs for financial services in Africa (English)

The second most populous continent in the world and with abundant natural resources, Africa continues to grow as the world's economy currently stands on shaky ground. ... See More +

88228 JAN 01, 2014

Blackman,Colin R.; Halewood,Naomi J.; Kelly,Timothy John Charles; Stefanski,Scott Edward; Wave, Vital; Yonazi, Enock Disclosed

IFC mobile money scoping country report : Afghanistan (English)

The foundation for a broad push in mobile payments and banking is still under development. Regulations are supportive and clear enough that all four mobile operators have launched or are planning to launch mobile money services, yet questions still remain how parallel e-money transfer and electronic payment guidelines will be normalized and how e-money will be integrated with the conventional financial network and accounts. ... See More +

Working Paper 94998 SEP 01, 2013

Biallas, Margarete; Stefanski, Scott; Sayed, Cherine El Disclosed

IFC mobile money scoping country report : Sri Lanka (English)

Updates made to banking regulations in 2011, permitting custodian managed mobile wallets and payments, have produced results with the launch of mobile operator dialog's ezCash mobile wallet product. ... See More +

Working Paper 94999 MAY 01, 2013

Stefanski, Scott Disclosed

IFC mobile money scoping country report : South Sudan (English)

This report provides a brief perspective on regulations, financial market, telecom market, and mobile financial service implement. This working paper includes the following headings: macro-economic overview; regulations; financial sector; telecom sector; mobile financial services landscape; IFC opportunities; potential risks; next steps; and appendix: interviews conducted. ... See More +

Working Paper 95023 APR 27, 2012

Ngahu, John; Stefanski, Scott Disclosed

IFC mobile money scoping country report : Rwanda (English)

Rwanda is poised for developing a shared agent network. This can be piloted with newly formed regional savings and credit cooperative societies (SACCOS). ... See More +

Working Paper 95021 FEB 18, 2012

Biallas, Margarete; Ngahu, John; Stefanski, Scott Disclosed