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Attaching workers through in-kind payments : theory and evidence from Russia (English)

External shocks may cause a decline in the productivity of fixed capital in certain regions of an economy. Exogenous obstacles to migration make it hard for workers in those regions to reallocate to more prosperous regions. ... See More +

Journal Article 77487 MAY 01, 2005

Friebel, Guido; Guriev, Sergei Disclosed

Transition 11 (3-4) (English)

World Bank's new approach helps business in transition economies; by Lars Jeurling. Are foreign investors and multinationals engaging in corrupt practices in transition economies? ... See More +

Newsletter 20807 JUL 31, 2000

Hischler, Richar [editor]; Jeurling, Lars; Hellman, Joel; Jones, Geraint; Kaufmann, Daniel; Caves, Richard E.; Dowell, Glen; Hart, Stuart; Yeung, Bernard; Alcacer, Juan; Shen, Xiaofang; Giszpenc,Noemi; Squire, Lyn; Shleifer, Andrei; Treisman, Daniel; Bruszt, Laszlo; Csaba, Laszlo; Sutela, Pekka; Berglof, Erik; Friebel, Guido; Guriev, Sergei; Yudaeva, K.; Kozlov, K.; Melentieva, N.; Ponomareva, N.; Easterly, William; Olson, Mancur