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Long-Term Evolution of Inequality of Opportunity (English)

The main goal of this paper is to document and analyze the long-term evolution of inequality of opportunity and thus extend the recent empirical literature, which is mainly concerned with its measurement at a specific point in time. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8700 JAN 15, 2019

Bussolo,Maurizio; Checchi,Daniele; Peragine,Vito Disclosed

Toward a New Social Contract : Taking on Distributional Tensions in Europe and Central Asia (English)

The growing economic fissures in the societies of Europe and Central Asia between generations, between insiders and outsiders in the labor market, between rural and urban communities, and between the super-rich and everyone else, are threatening the sustainability of the social contract. ... See More +

Publication 130299 JAN 01, 2018

Bussolo,Maurizio; Davalos,Maria Eugenia; Peragine,Vito; Sundaram,Ramya Disclosed

Inequality of opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

In the last decades, inequality of opportunity has been extensively studied by economists on the assumption that, in addition to being normatively undesirable, it can be related to low potential for growth. ... See More +

WPS7782 AUG 04, 2016

Brunori,Paolo; Palmisano,Flaviana; Peragine,Vito Disclosed

Equality of opportunity : theory and evidence (English)

Building on earlier work by political philosophers, economists have recently sought to define a concept of equity that accommodates the fairness of reward to individual responsibility and effort, while allowing for the existence of some inequalities which are unfair and should be compensated. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7217 MAR 20, 2015

Ferreira,Francisco H. G.; Peragine,Vito Disclosed

The World Bank economic review 28 (2) (English)

This paper is organized in following headings: economic development as opportunity equalization; the measurement of educational inequality: achievement and opportunity; economic growth and equality of opportunity; children’s health opportunities and project evaluation: Mexico’s oportunidades program; symposium on conflict and gender : armed conflict, gender, and schooling; short- and long-term impact of violence on education: the case of Timor Leste; education and civil conflict in Nepal; schooling, violent conflict, and gender in Burundi. ... See More +

Publication 113049 JAN 01, 2014

Roemer,John E.; Ferreira,Francisco H. G.; Gignoux,Jérémie; Peragine,Vito; Palmisano,Flaviana; Brunori,Paolo; Van de gaer,Dirk; Vandenbossche,Joost; Figueroa,José Luis; Buvinic,Mayra Lourdes; Das Gupta,Monica; Shemyakina,Olga N.; Justino,Patricia; Leone,Marinella; Salardi,Paola; Valente,Christine; Verwimp,Philip; Van Bavel,Jan Disclosed

Opportunity-sensitive poverty measurement (English)

This paper offers an axiomatic characterization of two classes of poverty measures that are sensitive to inequality of opportunity, one a strict subset of the other. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6728 DEC 01, 2013

Brunori, Paolo; Ferreira, Francisco; Lugo, Maria Ana; Peragine, Vito Disclosed

Economic growth and equality of opportunity (English)

In this paper, the authors argue that a better understanding of the relationship between inequality and economic growth can be obtained by shifting the analysis from the space of final achievements to the space of opportunities. ... See More +

Journal Article 112404 OCT 14, 2013

Peragine,Vito; Palmisano,Flaviana; Brunori, Paolo Disclosed

Economic Growth and equality of opportunity (English)

The paper proposes an approach to understand the relationship between inequality and economic growth obtained by shifting the analysis from the space of final achievements to the space of opportunities. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6599 SEP 01, 2013

Peragine, Vito; Palmisano, Flaviana; Brunori, Paolo Disclosed

Inequality of opportunity, income inequality and economic mobility : some international comparisons (English)

Despite a recent surge in the number of studies attempting to measure inequality of opportunity in various countries, methodological differences have so far prevented meaningful international comparisons. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6304 JAN 01, 2013

Brunori, Paolo; Ferreira, Francisco H. G.; Peragine, Vito Disclosed