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Resilience and Critical Power System Infrastructure : Lessons Learned from Natural Disasters and Future Research Needs (English)

Resilience against infrastructure failure is essential for ensuring the health and safety of communities during and following natural hazard situations. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8900 JUN 17, 2019

Schweikert,Amy Elizabeth; Nield,Lindsey; Otto,Erica; Deinert,Mark Robert Disclosed

Vulnerabilities of Networked Energy Infrastructure : A Primer (English)

Considerable work has been done to understand and improve the resilience of individual infrastructure components. However, systems of components, or even systems of systems, are far less well understood. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8901 JUN 17, 2019

Schweikert,Amy Elizabeth; Nield,Lindsey; Otto,Erica; Klemun,Magdalena; Ojanpera,Sanna Maria; Deinert,Mark Robert Disclosed

Stronger Power : Improving Power Sector Resilience to Natural Hazards (English)

The power sector is both highly vulnerable to natural hazards and a priority for any country'srecovery and reconstruction. After Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017, most of the power gridwas down. ... See More +

Report 137912 JUN 01, 2019

Nicolas,Claire Marion; Maruyama Rentschler,Jun Erik; Potter Van Loon,Virginia Attje Ingrid Albertine; Oguah,Samuel Kwesi Ewuah; Schweikert,Amy Elizabeth; Deinert,Mark Robert; Koks,Elco Eduard; Arderne,Christopher James; Cubas,Diana; Li,Jie; Ichikawa,Eriko Disclosed