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Atlas of sustainable development goals 2017 from World Development Indicators (English)

The maps, charts, and analyses in this Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2017 are intended to present data trends and comparisons in an accessible and visually appealing way. ... See More +

Publication 114769 APR 17, 2017

Serajuddin,Umar; Fantom,Neil James; Fu,Haishan; Purdie,Elizabeth; Pirlea,Ana Florina; Khokhar,Tariq Afzal; Tariku,Jomo; Whitby,Andrew Michael Disclosed

Big data innovation challenge : pioneering approaches to data-driven development (English)

Big data can sound remote and lacking a human dimension, with few obvious links to development and impacting the lives of the poor. Concepts such as anti-poverty targeting, market access or rural electrification seem far more relevant – and easier to grasp. ... See More +

Working Paper 107751 JAN 01, 2016

Fernandes,Erick C.M.; Jimenez,Daniel Regis; Delerce,Sylvain; Harten,Sven; Kaiser,Kai-Alexander; Kelm,Kathrine M.; Krambeck,Holly; Lemieux,Victoria Louise; Gaba,Kwawu Mensan; Newhouse,David Locke; Rodriguez,Camila; Villaveces,Andres; Wang,Wei Winnie; Adelman,Melissa Ann; Gonzalez,Alvaro S.; Hernandez Ore,Marco Antonio; Khokhar,Tariq Afzal; Kilic,Talip; Lozano Gracia,Nancy Disclosed