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Designing wage contracts in multi-goal organizations (English)

Economic theory has long suggested the use of monetary incentives to motivate workers. In practice, however, public bureaucracies and nonprofit organizations are driven by a broader mission that often involves multiple operational goals, not all of which may translate equally well into measurable indicators. ... See More +

Brief 122970 JAN 01, 2018

Giné,Xavier; Mansuri,Ghazala; Shrestha,Slesh Anand Disclosed

Mission and the bottom line : performance incentives in a multi-goal organization (English)

The impact of performance pay in institutions with multiple goals depends on complementarities in the disutility cost of effort and how different tasks interact to achieve each goal. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8270 DEC 12, 2017

Mansuri,Ghazala; Gine,Xavier; Shrestha,Slesh Anand Disclosed