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Sticky feet : how labor market frictions shape the impact of international trade on jobs and wages (English)

This report analyzes the paths by which developing country labor markets adjust to permanent trade-related shocks. Trade shocks can bring about reallocation of labor between industries, but the presence of labor mobility costs implies economy-wide losses because they extend the period of economic adjustment. ... See More +

Publication 88890 JUN 17, 2014

Hollweg, Claire H.; Lederman, Daniel; Rojas, Diego; Bulmer, Elizabeth Ruppert

Trade policy barriers: an obstacle to export diversification in Eurasia (English)

Despite trade liberalization efforts made by Eurasian countries, the export structure of the region shows significant levels of concentration across export destinations. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6434 MAY 01, 2013

Hollweg, Claire H.; Cusolito, Ana Paula

Monitoring export vulnerability to changes in growth rates of major global markets (English)

Interest in assessing the impacts on developing countries of changes in major markets' economic performance has risen in tandem with global economic uncertainty over short- and medium-term growth prospects. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6266 NOV 01, 2012

Lederman, Daniel; Hollweg, Claire H.; Reyes, Jose-Daniel