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Chongqing 2035 : Spatial and Economic Transformation for a Global City - Overview (English)

Geographically, Chongqing is strategically positioned as a gateway to China’s west, a key connection in the Yangtze river economic belt, and a strategic base for China’s belt and road initiative. ... See More +

Working Paper 135200 JAN 01, 2019

Salat,Serge; Wang,Xueman; Linjun,Zhou Disclosed

Chongqing 2035 : A Regional Strategy to Increase Connectivity and Economic Integration - Supporting Report 2 (English)

Cities can increase economic growth and participate in global economic flows by acting as hubs or gateways to regional corridors, that are supported by three dimensions of connectivity: physical (infrastructure) connectivity, digital connectivity, and economic integration. ... See More +

Working Paper 135201 JAN 01, 2019

Salat,Serge; Wang,Xueman; Linjun,Zhou Disclosed

Chongqing 2035 : A Green and Low-Carbon Growth Strategy to Decouple Economic Growth from Resource Use - Supporting Report 4 (English)

Chongqing is at a crossroads where its gross domestic product (GDP) per capita will reach a level at which cities typically decouple economic growth from energy and resource use, as well as associated carbon emissions and pollution. ... See More +

Working Paper 135227 JAN 01, 2019

Salat,Serge; Wang,Xueman; Zhou,Linjun Disclosed

Chongqing 2035 : An Innovation Strategy to Climb Up the Value Chain and Create the Conditions for a Skilled Labor Force - Supporting Report 3 (English)

The innovation economy has become a driving force in transforming entire industries, which has been happening at an accelerated pace. Cities are making massive investments in innovation and research and development (R&D) to support and attract technology-driven industries that are leading the digital revolution and disrupting established markets. ... See More +

Working Paper 135226 JAN 01, 2019

Salat,Serge; Wang,Xueman; Zhou,Linjun Disclosed

Chongqing 2035 : Spatial Transformation Strategy Increasing Efficiency and Livability by Promoting Compact and Human-Centered Development - Supporting Report 1 (English)

Chongqing Municipality, located in the southwest of inland China and upstream of the Yangtze River, is one of the largest cities in the world, with an area of 82,400 k ... See More +

Working Paper 135225 JAN 01, 2019

Salat,Serge; Wang,Xueman; Linjun,Zhou Disclosed

City Resilience in the Mekong Delta : SOC TRANG Resilience Assessment - Technical Study (English)

Soc Trang city has been formed at the hybrid intersection of canals and roads and is incorporated with the coastal sand dune morphology surrounded by a constantly transformed productive landscape. ... See More +

Report 134592 JUN 30, 2018

Tuan, Vu Anh; Vu, Linh; Herawati Ross,Inneke; Payne,Geoffrey K.; Pillai,Poonam; Hoang,Hoa Thi; Carrigan,Aileen Marie; Tran,Yen Hoang; Block,John Richard Dalton; Rajagopal,Champaka Tirumala; Wilderspin,Ian Furniss; Gadgil,Gauri Uday; Nguyen,Long Thanh; Singh,Gayatri; Tran,Hai Yen; Salat,Serge; Nguyen,Dzung Huy; Nguyen, Hieu Disclosed

Transforming the urban space through transit-oriented development : the 3V approach (English)

Imagine a city that is more competitive, with higher-quality neighborhoods, lower infrastructure costs, and lower C02 emissions per unit of activity. ... See More +

Working Paper 113822 JAN 01, 2017

Salat,Serge; Ollivier,Gerald Paul Disclosed

Planning energy efficient and livable cities : energy efficient cities (English)

The world's urban population is expected to increase by about 2.7 billion by 2050. Virtually all of the increased population will be in developing countries, leading to massive needs for new and improved housing and urban infrastructures (UNDESA 2012). ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 93678 NOV 01, 2014

Salat, Serge; Chen, Mansha; Liu, Feng Disclosed