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Building sustainable public sector capacity in a challenging context (English)

In a conflict-affected and newly independent country like South Sudan, rebuilding public sector capacity is an important aspect of state building, both in the short and in the medium to long term. ... See More +

Working Paper 114588 JAN 01, 2017

Fritz,Verena Maria; Issa,Museme Munira; Ort,Rachel Lemay; Haven,Bernard James; Collin Dit De Montesson,Nicolas Antoine Robert; Wani,Aisha Musa Ali Disclosed

Political economy analysis for trans boundary water resources management in Africa : practical guidance (English)

Fostering cooperation to optimize development outcomes in complex African river basins requires a nuanced understanding of context, especially the political and economic incentives facing local actors. ... See More +

Working Paper 111763 JAN 01, 2017

Tront,Jacqueline Marie; Ort,Rachel Lemay; Saltiel,Gustavo; Kamkwalala,Jonathan S. Disclosed

Unlocking opportunities for sustainable, climate-resilient growth in Sub-Saharan Africa : cooperation in international waters in Africa - annual report 2016 (English)

Cooperation in International waters in Africa (CIWA) assists riparian governments in Sub-Saharan Africa in addressing constraints to cooperative water resources management and development, with the goal of unlocking the potential for sustainable, climate-resilient growth. ... See More +

Annual Report 110771 SEP 01, 2016

Tront,Jacqueline Marie; Kim,Kyungsook Anna; Basnet,Anjali Lohani; Wilson,Alexandra Frances; Rehberger Bescos,Irene; Mekonnen,Dawit Tadesse; Wishart,Marcus J.; Burke,Eileen Rose; Fraval,Pierrick; Wijnen,Marcus Marinus Petrus; Verdil, Veronique; Fernandes,Patricia Maria; Namara,Regassa Ensermu; Harshadeep,Nagaraja Rao; Capdelia, Aleix Serrat; Ort,Rachel Lemay Disclosed

World - Strengthening public services in the context of fragility : what works for strengthening public service training in post conflict environments? (English)

Limited state capacity to carry out core government and service delivery functions poses a major constraint in post conflict countries, especially those with low income levels. ... See More +

Working Paper ACS17796 APR 01, 2016

Fritz,Verena Maria Disclosed

Problem-driven political economy analysis : the World Bank's experience (English)

Why does development progress in some places but not others? Very often, the distinguishing factor is not a lack of financial resources or of knowledge about the right technical solution. ... See More +

Publication 83502 DEC 17, 2013

Fritz,Verena Maria; Levy,Brian David; Ort,Rachel Lemay Disclosed