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Logistics Infrastructure Along the Belt and Road Initiative Economies (English)

Logistics is the network of services that support the physical movement of goods, trade across borders, and commerce within borders. It comprises an array of activities beyond transportation, including warehousing and storage, terminal operations (e.g. in ports and airports), express delivery, customs brokerage, as well as data and information management. ... See More +

Brief 133058 DEC 18, 2018

Wiederer,Christina Katharina Disclosed

Connecting to compete 2018 : trade logistics in the global economy - the logistics performance index and its indicators (English)

This is the sixth edition of Connecting to Compete, a report summarizing the findings from the new dataset for the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) and its component indicators. ... See More +

Working Paper 128355 JUL 01, 2018

Jaramillo,Carlos Felipe; Freund,Caroline; Reis,Jose Guilherme; Arvis,Jean Francois; Wiederer,Christina Katharina; Ojala,Lauri M.; Shepherd,Benjamin A.; Raj,Anasuya Urmil Luce; Dairabayeva,Karlygash Serikovna; Kiiski,Tuomas Markku Mikael Disclosed

Logistics competencies, skills, and training : a global overview (English)

Logistics has been a major growth sector in the world economy in terms of levels of activity and expenditure for many decades. In addition to being an important sector in its own right, logistics strongly influences the economic performance of other industries and the countries in which they are located. ... See More +

Publication 118559 AUG 10, 2017

McKinnon, Alan; Flothmann, Christoph; Hoberg, Kai; Wiederer,Christina Katharina; Arvis,Jean Francois Disclosed