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Regulatory indicators for sustainable energy : a global scorecard for policy makers (English)

Energy is at the forefront of the development agenda. Recognizing energy's vital role in development and prosperity, the world has committed to Sustainable Development Goal 7 to "Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all" as one of 17 goals for 2030, as well as to dramatically increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. ... See More +

Working Paper 112828 JAN 01, 2017

Banerjee,Sudeshna Ghosh; Moreno,Francisco Alejandro; Sinton,Jonathan Edwards; Primiani,Tanya; Seong,Joonkyung Disclosed

Scaling up access to electricity : pay-as-you-go plans in off-grid energy services (English)

Although the payment models offered by off-grid energy companies are less flexible than those implemented with great success by mobile telephone companies, they may still have an important role to play in scaling up off-grid energy services for billions of people who lack access to electricity. ... See More +

Brief 93786 JAN 01, 2015

Bareisaite,Asta; Moreno,Francisco Alejandro Disclosed

Assessment of private sector participation in the power sector of Egypt (English)

The objective of this note is to provide a high level assessment and areas of improvement of the legal and regulatory framework for private participation in the power sector in Egypt. ... See More +

Working Paper 98547 DEC 01, 2014

Alsuraih,Waleed Saleh I.; Ahmad, Aijaz; Moreno,Francisco Alejandro; Tavoulareas,Efstratios Disclosed

Distributed private energy projects : supporting electrification goals in low-income countries (English)

Unreliable electricity supply hinders economic growth in low-income countries. The private sector can play a significant role in supporting national power goals through small-scale ‘alternative private supply of power,’ or APS. ... See More +

Viewpoint 90760 JUL 01, 2014

Desai,Vyjayanti Tharmaratnam; Moreno,Francisco Alejandro Disclosed

Small scale generation : issues in standardizing power purchase agreements (English)

This note provides an introduction to the issues surrounding the design of Power Purchase Agreement's (PPAs). Programs to attract investment in small-scale electricity generation, often powered by renewable energy sources, have become increasingly common in the developing world as governments seek to both expand access to electricity and improve sustainability. ... See More +

Viewpoint 77970 MAR 01, 2013

Ferrey,Steven; Moreno,Francisco Alejandro Disclosed