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Measurement and patterns of world agribusiness trade (English)

This brief highlights the importance of the agribusiness sector as a pillar for development. It provides a framework to measure internationally traded agribusiness and discusses some patterns of world agribusiness trade in recent decades. ... See More +

Brief 112195 JAN 01, 2017

Mendez Ramos,Fabian; Paustian,Nina Disclosed

Road freight transport services reform : guiding principles for practitioners and policy makers (English)

Cost-effective and high quality transport systems are key to modern logistics. Their role can only be expected to grow even as the global economy goes through profound transformation in terms of how, where and when goods are produced or distributed. ... See More +

Working Paper 111792 DEC 22, 2016

Tanase,Virginia; Kunaka,Charles; Paustian,Nina; Philipp, Patrick Disclosed

Structural transformation of the agricultural sector : a primer (English)

In developing countries, structural transformation started much later, mostly in the 1900s. The structural transformation of the agricultural sector has been characterized by the relative decline of basic agriculture; the rising importance of agribusiness, which includes the value added for agro-related industries and for agricultural trade and distribution services; as well as the growing share of high-value agricultural products in international trade with respect to traditional exports. ... See More +

Brief 104231 MAR 01, 2016

Divanbeigi,Raian; Paustian,Nina; Loayza,Norman V. Disclosed