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Nigeria’s Demographic Dividend? : Policy Note in Support of Nigeria’s ERGP 2017-2020 (English)

A demographic dividend is the potential economic benefit associated with a country’s demographic context. The key point underlying the demographic dividend is that population age structure-dependency ratio-is critically important - and even more so than population size. ... See More +

Report AUS0000617 JAN 01, 2019

Okunola,Olumide Olaolu; Odutolu,Ayodeji Oluwole; Hasan,Rifat Afifa; Suzuki,Emi; Loevinsohn,Benjamin P.; Mustapha,Fatimah Abubakar; Osorio-Rodarte,Israel; Moucheraud,Corrina; Troiano,Sara; Pradhan,Elina; Sexton,Michael; Ahmed, S. Amer; Madhavan,Supriya Disclosed

Mozambique economic update : making the most of demographic change (English)

Developments in the second half of 2017 indicate that the slowdown in Mozambique's economic performance may be taking hold, shifting this once fast-growing economy to a more modest pace of growth. ... See More +

Working Paper 122234 DEC 01, 2017

Mahdi,Shireen; Troiano,Sara; Holland,Peter Anthony; Massingue,Anna Carlotta Allen; Massarongo Chivulele,Fernanda Ailina Pedro; Mucavele,Adelina; Walker,David Ian; Herzog,Andre; Casal,Julian; Faria,Jorge Joao; Cossa,Humberto Albino; San Joaquin Polo,Miguel Angel Portuguese Disclosed

Forever young? Social policies for a changing population in Southern Africa (English)

Demography affects our daily lives. Consciously or not, we take into account the demographic context when making choices on employment, savings, health, and education. ... See More +

Working Paper 128639 JAN 01, 2016

Bruni,Lucilla Maria; Rigolini,Iamele P.; Troiano,Sara Disclosed

Understanding the trends in learning outcomes in Argentina, 2000 to 2012 (English)

This paper seeks to understand what drove the trends in learning outcomes in Argentina between 2000 and 2012, using data from four rounds of the Program for International Student Assessment. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7518 DEC 17, 2015

De Hoyos Navarro,Rafael E.; Holland,Peter Anthony; Troiano,Sara Disclosed

As time goes by in Argentina : economic opportunities and challenges of the demographic transition (English)

The process of demographic transition through which Argentina is passing is a window of both opportunities and challenges in economic and social terms. ... See More +

Publication 96046 APR 23, 2015

Gragnolati,Michele; Rofman,Rafael P.; Apella,Ignacio Raul; Troiano,Sara Disclosed

As time goes by : economic opportunities and challenges of the demographic transition in Argentina : Los años no vienen solos : oportunidades y desafios economicos de la transicion demografica en Argentina (Spanish)

This study aims to provide an overview of past and future population dynamics, analyzing their impact on social and economic development of Argentina. ... See More +

Working Paper 88055 JAN 01, 2014

Gragnolati, Michele; Rofman, Rafael; Apella, Ignacio; Troiano, Sara Disclosed