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Climate change and agriculture : a review of impacts and adaptations (English)

The vulnerability of the agricultural sector to both climate change and variability is well established in the literature. The general consensus is that changes in temperature and precipitation will result in changes in land and water regimes that will subsequently affect agricultural productivity. ... See More +

Environment Working Paper 78739 JUN 01, 2013

Kurukulasuriya, Pradeep; Rosenthal, Shane Disclosed

New designs for water and sanitation transactions - making private sector participation work for the poor (English)

The document is a practical, structured document that draws on the debates from the International Seminar on Water and Sanitation, held in Paris, France on December 2000, supplemented by additional material. ... See More +

UNDP-Water & Sanitation Program 24652 MAY 31, 2002

Brocklehurst, Clarissa [editor]; Evans, Barbara; Alexander, Ian; Mukami Kariuki; Komives, Kristin; Rosenthal, Shane; Tremolet, Sophie; Triche, Thelma; Whittington, Dale Disclosed

Essentials 2(1) (English)

FY2000 Strategic Forum to chart Bank's direction. Post-conflict reconstruction brainstorming. Netherlands pledges $14.5 million for environment. ... See More +

Newsletter 23120 JAN 31, 1999

Briscoe, John; Foley, Mary-Ellen; Hassan, Hassan; Kiernan, Michael; Poore, Kerri; Rapp, Kennan; Rosenthal, Shane; Sherman, Mariam; Whitten, Tony