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Wider economic benefits of investments in transport corridors and the role of complementary policies (English)

This paper estimates the impact of the Golden Quadrilateral and North-South-East-West Highways in India on welfare, social inclusion, and environmental quality. ... See More +

WPS8350 FEB 21, 2018

Melecky,Martin; Sharma,Siddharth; Subhash,Hari Disclosed

Enforcement capacity and the impact of labor regulation : evidence from the Russian Federation (English)

The impact of business regulations on firms could depend on how the regulations are enforced in practice. Exploiting variation in enforcement capacity across the Russian Federation's administrative regions, this paper examines whether the enforcement of restrictive regulations on hiring and firing workers affects how firms adjust employment during industry upswings and downswings. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7888 NOV 14, 2016

Gonzalez,Alvaro S.; Sharma,Siddharth; Subhash,Hari Disclosed

Western Balkans regional research and development strategy for innovation : overview of the research and innovation sector in the Western Balkans (English)

This overview of the research sector in the Western Balkans is a companion piece to the Western Balkans regional research and development (R and D) strategy for innovation. ... See More +

Working Paper 82010 OCT 21, 2013

Correa, Paulo; Zuniga, Pluvia; De Rosa, Donato; Vujovic, Dusan; Qasim, Qursum; Myburgh, Andrew; Lundkvist, Petter; Subhash, Hari Disclosed

Russian volatility : obstacle to firm survival and diversification (English)

The need for economic diversification receives a great deal of attention in Russia. This paper looks at a way to improve it that is essential but largely ignored: how to help diversifying firms better survive economic cycles. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6605 SEP 01, 2013

Gonzalez, Alvaro S.; Iacovone, Leonardo; Subhash, Hari Disclosed