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Nawafid (1) (French)

Water and development in Tunisia - interview with Pier Francesco Mantovani. The World Bank supports efforts for development and growth in Algeria; by Ives Duvivier. ... See More +

Newsletter 35439 JAN 01, 2006

Ahlers, Theodore [editor]; Mantovani, Pier Francesco; Duvivier, Yves; Bichara, Dominique; Lopez-Calix, Jose R.; Bourguignon, Francois; Diagana, Ousmane; Nabil, Mustapha Kamel; Chamlou, Nadereh Disclosed

Nawafid (3) (French)

Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) - World Bank-Kingdom of Morocco cooperation strategy, 2005-2009. Responsiveness of country assistance strategies to partners' diverse needs; by Shengman Zhang, and Jim Adams. ... See More +

Newsletter 35486 SEP 01, 2004

Belhaj, Ferid [editor]; Zhang, Shengman; Adams, Jim; Alami, Ahmed Lahlimi; Douidich, Mohamed; Ahlers, Theodore; Agueznay, Malika; Mimouni, El Houssaine; Kantour, Tibari; Laabi, Rim; Messali, Pierre; Bourguignon, Francois Disclosed

Conditional cash transfers, schooling, and child labor : micro-simulating Brazil's bolsa escola program (English)

A growing number of developing economies are providing cash transfers to poor people that require certain behaviors on their part, such as attending school or regularly visiting health care facilities. ... See More +

Journal Article 77407 MAY 01, 2003

Bourguignon, Francois; Ferreira, Francisco H. G.; Leite, Phillippe G. Disclosed

The growth elasticity of poverty reduction: explaining heterogeneity across countries and time periods (English)

This paper presents an ongoing debate on poverty reduction strategies and examines the issue of actual contribution of economic growth to poverty reduction. ... See More +

Working Paper 28104 JAN 07, 2003

Bourguignon,Alain Jean-Francois

The World Bank economic review 15 (2) (English)

This volume questions what have we learned from a decade of empirical research on growth. The response, that " It ' s not factor accumulation: stylized facts and growth models " by William Esasterly and Ross Levine, with comments by Pete Klenow and Paul Romer. ... See More +

Publication 31558 JAN 01, 2001

Schmuckler, Sergio L.; Lyons, Richard K.; Kaminsky, Graciela L.; Valdes, Rodrigo O.; De Gregorio, Jose; Solow, Robert M.; Sala-y-Martin, Xavier; Pritchett, Lant; Durlauf, Steven N.; Brock, William A.; Romer, Paul; Klenow, Pete; Levine, Ross; Easterly, William; Bourguignon, Francois [editor] Disclosed

The World Bank economic review 14 (1) (English)

International knowledge flows and economic performance - a review of the evidence; by Giorgio Barba Navaretti and David G. Tarr. Do trade patterns and technology flows affect productivity growth? ... See More +

Publication 20868 JAN 31, 2000

Bourguignon, Francois [editor]; Zable, Ilyse [editor]; Barba Navaretti, Giorgio; Tarr, David G.; Keller, Wolfgang; Djankov, Simeon; Hoekman, Bernard; Bee Yan Aw; Sukkyun Chung; Roberts, Mark J.; Soloaga, Isidro; Takacs, Wendy; Gisselquist, David; Grether, Jean-Marie; Bigman, David; Fofack, Hippolyte; Hentschel, Jesko; Lanjouw, Jean Olson; Lanjouw, Peter; Poggi, Javier; Dercon, Stefan; Lambotte, Michel Disclosed

The labor market in Colombia : an overview of its evolution over the past three decades (English)

In this paper an analysis of the long term adjustment of the Brazilian labor market is carried out. During the last years of the "miracle period", shortage of unskilled labor could well characterize the situation of the labor market. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper DRD157 JAN 01, 1986

Bourguignon, Francois Disclosed