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Strategic alliances to scale up financial services in rural areas (English)

Firms have employed strategic alliances with other firms to effectively manage costs, overcome resource and technology constraints, and enhance competitive position. ... See More +

Publication 35923 APR 01, 2006

Gallardo, Joselito; Goldberg, Michael; Randhawa, Bikki Disclosed

Strategic alliances to scale up financial services in rural areas (English)

Despite more than 25 years of large financial investments and technical assistance programs, access to financial services in rural markets has not expanded at the massive scale and on the financially sustainable basis that had been expected. ... See More +

Newsletter 38950 JUL 01, 2005

Randhawa, Bikki; Gallardo, Joselito; Goldberg, Mike Disclosed

Comparative review of microfinance regulatory framework issues in Benin, Ghana, and Tanzania (English)

The authors investigate the microfinance regulatory regimes in Benin, Ghana, and Tanzania, with a view to identifying key issues and lessons on how the overall regulatory framework affects integration of microfinance institutions into the financial system. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS3585 APR 01, 2005

Gallardo, Joselito; Ouattara, Korotoumou; Randhawa, Bikki; Steel, William F. Disclosed

Micro finance regulation in Tanzania: implications for development and performance of the industry (English)

This study of microfinance in Tanzania looks at how the overall regulatory framework affects the ability of microfinance institutions (MFIs) to become more market oriented and integrated with the formal financial system, and the set of incentives (or disincentives) for licensed financial intermediaries to move down market to provide financial services for the poor. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 26656 JUN 01, 2003

Bikki Randhawa; Joselito Gallardo

A framework for regulating microfinance institutions : the experience in Ghana and the Philippines (English)

An earlier Policy Research Working Paper (Hennie van Greuning, Joselito Gallardo, and Bikki Randhawa, "A Framework for Regulating Microfinance Institutions," WPS 2061, February 1999) presented a regulatory framework that identifies thresholds in financial intermediation activities that trigger a requirement for a microfinance institution to satisfy external or mandatory guidelines-a tiered approach to regulation and prudential supervision. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2755 JAN 31, 2002

Gallardo, Joselito

A framework for regulating microfinance institutions (English)

The continuum of institutions providing microfinance cannot develop fully without a regulatory environment conducive to their growth. Without such an environment, fragmentation and segmentation will continue to inhibit the institutional transformation of microfinance institutions. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2061 FEB 28, 1999

van Greuning, Hennie; Gallardo, Joselito; Randhawa, Bikki

Leasing to support small businesses and microenterprises (English)

In most developing countries, capital markets are relatively undeveloped and banks are often unable or unwilling to undertake term lending. And banks prefer to lend to larger, established business with well-developed balance sheets and credit histories. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1857 DEC 31, 1997

Gallardo, Joselito

Microfinance as a regular commercial banking product (English)

Hatton National Bank is the largest private commercial bank in Sri Lanka and one of the handful of commercial banks in the world that have initiated microfinance programs. ... See More +

Viewpoint 18327 NOV 30, 1997

Gallardo, Joselito S.; Randhawa, Bikki K.; Sacay, Orlando J.

A commercial bank's microfinance program : the case of Hatton National Bank in Sri Lanka (English)

Launched in October 1989, Hatton National Bank's (HNB) Gami Pubuduwa (GP) or "village reawakening" program provides banking services to households in rural and semi-urban areas in Sri Lanka through GP units operating in 20 administrative districts through HNB's branch network. ... See More +

Publication WDP369 AUG 31, 1997

Gallardo,Joselito; Randhawa,Bikki K.; Sacay,Orlando J. Disclosed