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How new data tools can assess climate risks (English)

Climate change doesn’t just threaten the environment, it poses risks to a country’s businesses and economy. Understanding these risks can be complex, yet there are a growing number of tools that can help businesses analyze how their operations will be affected. ... See More +

Brief 109459 SEP 01, 2016

Swann,Stacy A.; Miller,Alan Disclosed

Innovative insurance to manage climate risks (English)

Severe storms, record heat waves, intense droughts, and floods—the impact of climate change rises every year and economic and financial losses rise with it. ... See More +

Brief 109458 SEP 01, 2016

Miller,Alan; Swann,Stacy A. Disclosed

How to make infrastructure climate resilient (English)

In emerging markets, climate change threatens infrastructure that is critical for development. Roads, airports, water systems, and power plants are vulnerable to weather changes. ... See More +

Brief 109463 SEP 01, 2016

Miller,Alan; Swann,Stacy A. Disclosed

New ways for cities to tackle climate change (English)

Cities, which are home to half of the world’s population, are on the front lines of climate change. Extreme temperatures, storms, and floods have a higher impact in crowded urban areas. ... See More +

Brief 109461 SEP 01, 2016

Miller,Alan; Swann,Stacy A. Disclosed

Insurance options for addressing climate change (English)

Emerging markets are especially vulnerable to threats from climate change. Storms, droughts, and floods jeopardize the livelihoods of farmers, while extreme temperatures limit the ability of workers to be outdoors. ... See More +

Brief 109462 SEP 01, 2016

Miller,Alan; Swann,Stacy A. Disclosed