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20 reasons sustainable tourism counts for development (English)

The focus of this paper is on sustainable tourism’s wider benefits, it is important to acknowledge that there are tradeoffs involved. Like other economic activities, tourism both gives and takes from communities and travelers. ... See More +

Working Paper 119954 JAN 01, 2017

Twining-Ward,Louise D; Aguerrevere, Gabriela; Bakker,Martine Hendrica Elize; Bartlett,Jennifer Louise; Chappell Jr,Robert L; Harman,Philip Alexander; Li,Wendy; Mann,Shaun; Miguel, Jose; Villascusa Cerezo,Jose Miguel; Perrottet,John Gerard; Salem,Talia Malvina; Shiels,Damien; Torres, Issa; Weiss,Bradley Lawrence; Wohlmuther, Cordula Disclosed

Tourism (English)

This is a background paper to the Pacific Possible report. For many Pacific Island countries, tourism is the main economic opportunity to generate incomes and jobs. ... See More +

Working Paper 106504 JUN 01, 2016

Perrottet,John Gerard; Garcia,Andres F. Disclosed

Global investment promotion best practices : winning tourism investment (English)

Global investment promotion best practices (GIPB) assess how well national investment promotion intermediaries (IPIs) from 189 countries attract investment. ... See More +

Working Paper 91179 DEC 01, 2013

Di Fiori,Valeria; Nevill,Hermione Louise Tara; Perrottet,John Gerard; Whyte,Robert Disclosed