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Guns, books, or doctors ? conflict and public spending in Haiti : lessons from cross-country evidence (English)

Haiti's economic development has been held back by a history of civil conflict and violence. With donor assistance declining from its exceptional levels following the 2010 earthquake, and concessional financing growing scarce, Haiti must learn to live with tighter budget constraints. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7681 MAY 23, 2016

Singh,Raju; Bodea,Cristina; Higashijima,Masaaki Disclosed

Oil and civil conflict : can public spending have a mitigation effect ? (English)

This paper explores the conditions under which public spending could minimize violent conflict related to oil wealth. Previous work suggests that oil can lead to violent conflict because it increases the value of the state as a prize or because it undermines the state's bureaucratic penetration. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7100 NOV 01, 2014

Singh, Raju Jan; Bodea, Cristina; Higashijima, Masaaki Disclosed

Oil and civil conflict : can public spending have a mitigation effect? (English)

In this paper, the conditions under which the spending patterns of oil resources may mitigate the risk of violent domestic conflict are studied. ... See More +

Working Paper 90253 JAN 01, 2014

Singh, Raju Jan ; Bodea, Cristina ; Higashijima, Masaaki Disclosed