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Reducing disease risk in aquaculture (English)

There are thousands of rickettsial, viral, bacterial, protozoan, and metazoan parasites that cause disease in farmed aquatic animals. While the basics of farm-level disease management are known, the interconnectedness among aquaculture installations and between aquaculture and the external environment means that only a few careless farms can ruin an industry. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 88257 JUN 01, 2014

Brummett, Randall E.; Alvial, Adolfo; Kibenge, Frederick; Forster, John; Burgos, Jose M.; Ibarra, Rolando; St-Hilaire, Sophie; Chamberlain, George C.; Lightner, Donald V.; Khoa, Le Van; Hao, Nguyen Van; Tung, Hoang; Loc, Tran Huu; Reantaso, Melba; Wyk, Peter M. Van; Chamberlain, George W.; Towner, Richard; Villarreal, Marcos; Akazawa, Noriaki; Omar, Isabel; Josue, Luc; Ralaimarindaza; Baloi, Ana Paula; Blanc, Philip-Pierre; Nikuli, Hamisi L. Disclosed