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The World Bank economic review 26 (3) (English)

This issue of the World Bank economic review includes the following topics of interest: is there a metropolitan bias? the relationship between poverty and city size in a selection of developing countries; impact of SMS-based agricultural information on Indian farmers; crises, food prices, and the income elasticity of micronutrients - estimates from Indonesia; economic geography and economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa; the decision to import capital goods in India: firms' financial factors matter; coffee market liberalization and the implications for producers in Brazil, Guatemala and India; implications of COMTRADE compilation practices for trade barrier analyses and negotiations. ... See More +

Publication 80522 NOV 01, 2012

Lanjouw, Peter; Fafchamps, Marcel; Minten, Bart; Skoufias, Emmanuel; Tiwari, Sailesh; Zaman, Hassan; Bosker, Maarten; Garretsen, Harry; Bas, Maria; Berthou, Antoine; Russell, Bill; Mohan, Sushil; Banerjee, Anindya; Yeats, Alexander J.; Ferre, Celine; Ferreira, Francisco H.G. Disclosed