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Major infectious diseases (English)

Infectious diseases were responsible for the largest global burden of premature death and disability until the end of the twentieth century, when that distinction passed to noncommunicable diseases. ... See More +

Publication 121003 NOV 03, 2017

Ahmed,Saeed; Abrams,Elaine J.; Thirumurthy,Harsha; Levin,Carol; Cohen,Justin; Wells,Tim; Nwankwo,Uzoma; Holmes,King K.; Crane,Heidi; Walensky,Rochelle P.; Peeling,Rosanna W.; Mabey,David; Hensen,Bernadette; Bollinger,Lori Ann; White,Richard Graham; Baird,Sarah Jane; Garrison Jr.,Louis P.; Lenk,Edeltraud; Miller-Petrie,Molly; Bertozzi,Stefano; Granich,Reuben; Casper,Corey; Harripersaud,Katherine; El-Sadr,Wafaa M.; Dallabetta,Gina; Revill,Paul; Gregson,Simon A. J.; Aral,Sevgi O.; Salomon,Joshua; Volchenkov,Grigory; Wilson,Douglas; Castro,Marcia; Crump,John A.; Gelband,Hellen; Padian,Nancy; Holmes,Charles B.; Hargreaves,James R.; Taaffe,Jessica Elizabeth; Mayaud,Philippe; Fraser,Hamish; Rubin,Eric; Makomva,Kudzai; Wiedeman,Danielle; Money,Deborah; Hallett,Timothy B.; Garnett,Geoff P.; Yadav,Prashant; Newby,Gretchen; Tatarsky,Allison; Feachem, Richard G.; Tediosi,Fabrizio; Lengeler,Christian Philipp; Horton,Susan E.; Danforth,Kristen; Baxi,Sanjiv; Menon,Manoj; Harris,Kate L.; Wilson,David; Kahn,James G.; Cohen,Ted; Gomez,Gabriela B.; Cotter,Chris; Gosling,Roly; de Vlas,Sake J.; Laxminarayan,Ramanan; Bloom,Barry R.; DeMaria,Lisa M.; McNairy,Margaret; Barnighausen,Till; Garcia,Patricia J.; Kinuthia,John Muratha; Enstone,Joanne E.; Knight,Gwen; Shretta,Rima; Liu,Jenny; Tanner,Marcel; Newton,Paul N.; Pant,Suraj; Jha,Prabhat K.; John-Stewart,Grace; Krishnaratne,Shari; Santos,Michael; Stover,John; Marseille,Elliot Alexander; Chesson,Harrell W.; Atun,Rifat A.; Dye,Christopher; Murray,Megan; Nardell,Edward; Vassall,Anna; Dolenz,Charlotte; Menard,Didier; Phillips,Allison; Lubell,Yoel; Babigumira,Joseph B.; Wiktor,Stefan Z.; Fitzpatrick,Christopher; Bundy,Donald A. P. Disclosed

Mobilizing a global response to hepatitis : lessons learned from the HIV movement (English)

Hepatitis caused by hepatitis B and C virus (HBV and HCV) is increasingly becoming a significant global health threat, with widespread prevalence that may have severe disease and economic impacts in the future. ... See More +

Journal Article 125359 OCT 16, 2016

Taaffe,Jessica Elizabeth; Wilson,David Disclosed

A comprehensive review of empirical and modeled HIV incidence trends (1990-2012) (English)

An accurate measurement of HIV incidence is a key for policy makers and HIV program managers directing national HIV response. However, there is no perfect method to measure or estimate the rate at which new HIV infections occur in a population. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7042 SEP 01, 2014

Taaffe, Jessica; Fraser-Hurt, Nicole; Gorgens, Marelize; Harimurti, Pandu Disclosed