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A review of other aid delivery modalities : what can GEF find relevant? (English)

In this paper the authors discuss and compare new aid modalities that may be used by GEF, and, project based aid delivery modality, that is most frequently used by GEF. ... See More +

Global Environment Facility Working Paper 39185 NOV 01, 2006

Puri, Jyotsna; Uitto, Juha; Tokle, Siv Disclosed

Transport and poverty in Guatemala: a profile using data from the ENCOVI 2000 (English)

The objective of this study is to construct a detailed and informative poverty-access profile that can simultaneously inform Guatemala's poverty reduction and rural transport strategies. ... See More +

Working Paper 36208 JAN 01, 2006

Puri, Jyotsna Disclosed

How the location of roads and protected areas affects deforestation in North Thailand (English)

Using plot-level data, the authors estimate a bi-variate probit model to explain land clearing, and the siting of protected areas in North Thailand in 1986. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2583 APR 30, 2001

Cropper, Maureen; Puri, Jyotsna; Griffiths, Charles