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Montenegro - Financial sector assessment program : framework for nonperforming loans workout and insolvency and creditor rights - technical note (English)

This Technical Note (TN) examines the current state of NPLs in Montenegro, assesses the regulatory and supervisory framework as well as the insolvency and creditor rights regime, and makes recommendations for strengthening the framework. ... See More +

Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) 104769 MAR 01, 2016

Jaeger,Johanna; Rouillon,Adolfo; Abrahams,Scott David Disclosed

Making politics work for development : harnessing transparency and citizen engagement (English)

Too often, government leaders fail to adopt and implement policies that they know are necessary for sustained economic development. They are encumbered by adverse political incentives, which prevent them from selecting good policies, and they run the risk of losing office should they try to do the right thing. ... See More +

Publication 106337 JAN 01, 2016

Khemani,Stuti; Dal Bó, Ernesto; Ferraz,Claudio; Finan,Frederico Shimizu; Stephenson Johnson,Corinne Louise; Odugbemi,Adesinaola Michael; Thapa,Dikshya; Abrahams,Scott David Disclosed