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Boosting tech innovation ecosytems in cities : a framework for growth and sustainability of urban tech innovation ecosystems (English)

Cities are emerging as hubs of technolog¬ical innovation. This is characterized by an ongoing shift from technology parks in suburban areas to entrepreneurial ac-tivity within cities. ... See More +

Working Paper 100935 JAN 01, 2015

Mulas,Victor; Minges,Michael; Applebaum,Hallie Rocklin; Qian, Kathy; Nguyen,Nga Phuong; Sherman, Mary Alexander Disclosed

The political economy of decision-making in forestry : using evidence and analysis for reform (English)

The use of the phrase, ‘political economy’ originates in Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and is also found in the writings of David Ricardo and Karl Marx. ... See More +

Working Paper 101750 JAN 01, 2015

Kishor,Nalin M.; Castillo,Selene; Nguyen,Nga Phuong; Rosenbaum,Kenneth L. Disclosed