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Promoting the use of capital markets for infrastructure financing : lessons for securities markets regulators in emerging market economies (English)

This Note provides guidance to securities markets regulators in emerging market economies (EMEs) about key regulatory issues that could affect the issuance of debt instruments for infrastructure financing over which they have some control. ... See More +

Working Paper 129287 NOV 01, 2017

Carvajal,Ana Fiorella; Bond,Daniel Livingston; Adams,Diana Newman Disclosed

Promoting competition in the distribution of mutual funds : lessons for securities markets regulatory authorities in emerging market economies (English)

This Policy Note focuses on distribution channels, the role they play in product diversification and costs, and how regulation can promote competition in mutual funds (MFs) distribution. ... See More +

Working Paper 129288 NOV 01, 2017

Carvajal,Ana Fiorella; Deslandes,Line; St. Giles,Mark Valentine Disclosed

The importance of local capital markets for financing development (English)

Rudimentary markets for capital - for raising money and investing - exist in even the remotest places around the world. However, prudent macroeconomic management, regulation, investor protection, and innovation are necessary to transition these nascent markets, which are often speculative ventures prone to fraud, into modern, efficient, and well-functioning markets capable of serving the needs of investors and entrepreneurs, borrowers, and lenders alike. ... See More +

Brief 112692 JAN 01, 2017

Narayanaswamy,Meera; Blitzer,Charles R.; Carvajal,Ana Fiorella Disclosed

Fixed income instruments to mobilize institutional investors for SME financing in EMEs (English)

Emerging market economies (EMEs) face significant funding gaps in strategic sectors, such as infrastructure and small and medium enterprise (SME) financing, that if not addressed can stifle growth. ... See More +

Brief 119412 JAN 01, 2017

Carvajal,Ana Fiorella; Loladze, Tamuna; Hammersley,James Walter; Anderson,Jeffrey David; Walley,Simon Christopher; Kemmish, Richard Disclosed