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The Moroccan New Keynesian Phillips Curve : A Structural Econometric Analysis (English)

The Phillips curve is central to discussions of inflation dynamics and monetary policy. In particular, the New Keynesian Phillips Curve is a valuable tool to describe how past inflation, expected future inflation, and real marginal cost or an output gap drive the current inflation rate. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS9018 SEP 17, 2019

Tsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul; Doukali,Mohamed Disclosed

Bulgaria Spending Review : Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of Waste Management Spending (English)

In 2016, the Government of Bulgaria (GoB) decided to initiate spending reviews (RS) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its spending in the context of a moderate fiscal consolidation process. ... See More +

134223 JAN 30, 2019

Ilieva,Stella; Ionkova,Kremena M.; Simonis,Gerard M.; Boesten,Rene; Kostadinova,Tzvetanka Penkova; Tsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul Disclosed

From uneven growth to inclusive development : Romania’s path to shared prosperity - systematic country diagnostic (English)

Romania’s transformation has been ‘a tale of two Romania’s’, one urban, dynamic, and integrated with the EU; the other rural, poor, and isolated. ... See More +

Publication 127129 JUN 06, 2018

De Rosa,Donato; Kim,Yeon Soo; Chatzinikolaou,Aimilios; Bulman,David Janoff; Hopkins, Johns; Dospinescu,Andrei Silviu; Karver,Jonathan George; Meisner,Craig M.; Murisic,Maja; Pauna,Catalin; Tsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul Disclosed

Does oil revenue crowd out other tax revenues ? policy lessons for Uganda (English)

This paper examines the relationship between hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon revenues using a probabilistic panel model with data covering 30 resource-rich countries over 1992-2012. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8048 MAY 01, 2017

Tsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul; Melou,Maximillien Kaffo; Nganou,Jean-Pascal Disclosed

Tunisia - Impact of the Libya crisis on the Tunisian economy (English)

This study assesses the main spillover effects of the Libyan crisis on the Tunisian economy and estimates the crisis’ overall social welfare and fiscal impacts on Tunisia. ... See More +

Working Paper ACS16340 FEB 01, 2017

Sy,Abdoulaye; El Abassi,Marouane; Tsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul; Bchir, Mohamed Hedi; Zitouna, Habib; Djiofack,Calvin Zebaze; Antonio,Jose; Cuesta Leiva,Jose Antonio; Fruttero,Anna; Lara Ibarra,Gabriel; Mouley,Sami; Ayadi,Lotfi; Fourati,Habib; Ouelhazi,Zied; Hedi, Saidi; Hrizi, Lotfi; Hassen,Majdi; Salim,Muna Abeid; Saadi Refai,Besma; Chelaifa,Leila; Irhiam,Hend Disclosed

Effects of fiscal policy shocks in an open economy : evidence from Canada (English)

What is the impact of fiscal policy shocks on key macroeconomic variables in Canada? This question triggered renewed interest in the aftermath of the 2008-09 Great Recession. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7654 APR 27, 2016

Tsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul Disclosed