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Fiscal Implications of Free Education : The Case of Tanzania (English)

Tanzania became one of the first low-income countries to abolish fees for lower secondary education (grades 8-12) in 2015. One of the pledges of a new, reformist government, the policy built on the country’s previous experience of abolishing primary fees in 2002. ... See More +

Working Paper 135589 JAN 01, 2019

Asim,Salman; Chugunov,Dmitry; Gera,Ravinder Madron Casley Disclosed

Student Learning Outcomes in Tanzania’s Primary Schools : Implications for Secondary School Readiness (English)

This policy note is an attempt to systematically analyze and document emerging trends in the evolution of students’ learning outcomes in Tanzania’s primary schools. ... See More +

Working Paper 135567 JAN 01, 2019

Asim,Salman; Chugunov,Dmitry; Gera,Ravinder Madron Casley Disclosed

Moving teachers to Malawi's remote communities : a data-driven approach to teacher deployment (English)

There are severe geographical disparities in pupil-teacher ratios (PTR) across Malawi, with most teachers concentrated near commercial centers and in rural schools with better amenities. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8253 NOV 22, 2017

Chugunov,Dmitry; Chimombo,Joseph P. G.; Asim,Salman; Gera,Ravinder Madron Casley Disclosed

SABER workforce development country report : Tanzania 2015 (English)

This report presents the findings of an assessment of Tanzania’s workforce development (WfD) system based on the World Bank’s systems approach for better education results (SABER) WfD systems benchmarking tool. ... See More +

Working Paper 117564 JUN 01, 2017

Mwaduma, Nichoderms B. ; Valerio,Alexandria; Flynn,Ryan Peter; Gera,Ravinder Madron Casley Disclosed

A handbook on monitoring and evaluation of agriculture and rural development projects (Spanish)

This handbook is directed primarily to those working within a specific project, whose task it is to operate the monitoring and/or evaluation systems, and secondly to those responsible for management of the project so that they may better assess what they can expect their monitoring and evaluation operations to provide. ... See More +

Publication UNN131 SEP 30, 1982

Gera,Ravinder Madron Casley; Lury,D English Disclosed