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The Heterogeneous Effects of Trade Policy Uncertainty : How Much Do Trade Commitments Boost Trade ? (English)

This paper studies the effects of trade policy uncertainty on the extensive and intensive margins of trade for a sample of 65 exporters at the Harmonized System six-digit level. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8567 AUG 27, 2018

Osnago,Alberto; Piermartini,Roberta; Rocha Gaffurri,Nadia Patrizia Disclosed

Deep trade agreements and global value chains (English)

Preferential trade agreements have become deeper over time, often encompassing policy areas that go beyond traditional trade policy, such as investment, competition, and intellectual property rights protection. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8491 JUN 25, 2018

Laget,Edith; Osnago,Alberto; Rocha,Nadia; Ruta,Michele Disclosed

Horizontal depth : a new database on the content of preferential trade agreements (English)

Preferential trade agreements are an important feature of the global trade system. Several questions, ranging from the rationale for preferential arrangements to their impact on members, non-members and the broader multilateral trade system, are at the forefront of academic and policy debates in trade policy. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7981 FEB 22, 2017

Hofmann,Claudia; Osnago,Alberto; Ruta,Michele Disclosed

Deep integration and UK-EU trade relations (English)

This paper studies the impact of deep agreements on United Kingdom-European Union trade relations. A standard gravity model is applied to assess the effect that European Union membership had on the United Kingdom's trade. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7947 JAN 19, 2017

Mulabdic,Alen; Osnago,Alberto; Ruta,Michele Disclosed

Disaggregating the impact of the internet on international trade (English)

The Internet has transformed the way countries trade by reducing the costs of exporting. This paper quantifies the impact of Internet adoption on international trade. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7785 AUG 08, 2016

Osnago,Alberto; Tan,Shawn Weiming Disclosed

Do Deep Trade Agreements Boost Vertical FDI? (English)

An increasing number of preferential trade agreements (PTAs) and the rise of offshore production are distinctive features of the modern world economy. ... See More +

Journal Article 140501 APR 18, 2016

Osnago,Alberto; Rocha,Nadia; Ruta,Michele Disclosed

Deep trade agreements and vertical FDI : the devil is in the details (English)

Recent data show that the institutional content of preferential trade agreements has evolved over time. Although pre-1990s preferential trade agreements mostly focused on tariff liberalization, recent agreements increasingly contain deep provisions in diverse areas, such as intellectual property rights, investment, and standards. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7464 OCT 29, 2015

Osnago,Alberto; Rocha,Nadia; Ruta,Michele Disclosed