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Towards Safer and More Productive Migration for South Asia (English)

International migration for temporary employment is a critical component of South Asia’s development path, from both the jobs and remittance flows perspectives. ... See More +

Report 147272 MAR 31, 2020

Ahmed, S. Amer; Bossavie,Laurent Loic Yves; Lakatos,Csilla; Liaqat,Sundas; Khadka,Upasana; Wang,He; Sarwar,Sadia; Caron,Laura Kathryn; Yi,Soonhwa; Khan,Maryem; Bartl,Esther Maria Disclosed

Poverty Impact of Food Price Shocks and Policies (English)

In the event of large swings in world food prices, countries often intervene to dampen the impact of international food price spikes on domestic prices and to lessen the burden of adjustment on vulnerable population groups. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8724 FEB 05, 2019

Laborde,David; Lakatos,Csilla; Martin,William J. Disclosed

Traders' Dilemma : Developing Countries' Response to Trade Disputes (English)

If trade tensions between the United States and certain trading partners escalate into a full-blown trade war, what should developing countries do? ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8640 NOV 07, 2018

Devarajan,Shantayanan; Go,Delfin Sia; Lakatos,Csilla; Robinson,Sherman; Thierfelder,Karen E. Disclosed

The global costs of protectionism (English)

This paper quantifies the wide-ranging costs of potential increases in worldwide barriers to trade in two scenarios. First, a coordinated global withdrawal of tariff commitments from all existing bilateral/regional trade agreements, as well as from unilateral preferential schemes coupled with an increase in the cost of traded services, is estimated to result in annual worldwide real income losses of 0.3 percent or US$211 billion relative to the baseline after three years. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8277 DEC 14, 2017

Lakatos,Csilla; Kutlina-Dimitrova,Zornitsa Disclosed

Arm's-length trade : a source of post-crisis trade weakness (English)

Trade growth has slowed sharply since the global financial crisis. U.S. trade data highlights that arm's-length trade —trade between unaffiliated firms—accounts disproportionately for the overall post-crisis trade slowdown. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8144 JUL 11, 2017

Lakatos,Csilla; Ohnsorge,Franziska Lieselotte Disclosed

The global role of the U.S. economy: linkages, policies and spillovers (English)

This paper analyzes the role of the United States in the global economy and examines the extent of global spillovers from changes in U.S. growth, monetary and fiscal policies, and uncertainty in its financial markets and economic policies. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7962 FEB 07, 2017

Kose,Ayhan; Lakatos,Csilla; Ohnsorge,Franziska Lieselotte; Stocker,Marc Disclosed

DECPG global monthly newsletter (English)

This newsletter includes the following headings: monthly highlights; special focus; key prospects group publications; recent World Bank working papers; and recent World Bank reports. ... See More +

Newsletter 113889 DEC 01, 2016

Stocker,Marc; Vorisek,Dana Lauren; Baffes,John; Kilic Celik,Sinem; Kim,Eung Ju; Lakatos,Csilla; Matsuoka,Hideaki; Taskin,Temel; Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.; Williams,Peter Davis Disclosed

China's slowdown and rebalancing: potential growth and poverty impacts on Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

This paper explores the economic impacts of two related tracks of China's expected transformation—economic slowdown and rebalancing away from investment toward consumption—and estimates the spillovers for the rest of the world, with a special focus on Sub-Saharan African countries. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7666 MAY 10, 2016

Lakatos,Csilla; Maliszewska,Maryla; Osorio-Rodarte,Israel; Go,Delfin Sia Disclosed

Lifting economic sanctions on Iran : global effects and strategic responses (English)

This paper uses a global general equilibrium simulation model to quantify the effects of lifting economic sanctions on Iran with and without strategic responses. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7549 FEB 01, 2016

Ianchovichina,Elena; Devarajan,Shantayanan; Lakatos,Csilla Disclosed

Global economic prospects : spillovers amid weak growth (English)

Global growth again fell short of expectations in 2015. Growth is projected to edge up in 2016-18 but the forecast is subject to substantial downside risks. ... See More +

Publication 102968 JAN 01, 2016

Arteta,Carlos; Stocker,Marc; Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.; Eigen-Zucchi,Christian; Chen,Derek Hung Chiat; Vorisek,Dana Lauren; Shaukat Khan,Tehmina; Kambou,Gerard; Huidrom,Raju; Kose,Ayhan; Ohnsorge,Franziska Lieselotte; Lakatos,Csilla; Maliszewska,Maryla; Petri,Peter A.; Plummer,Michael George; Klein,Maximilian Michael Johann; Shambaugh,Jay Curtis Disclosed